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Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is is a powerful web-based learning platform which offers your team access to 80 skill-driven communication training modules. Topics include a full spectrum of customer retention, employee relations, team building, conflict resolution and leadership courses. This interactive system features streaming video chapters, quizzes, post-quiz feedback, key point reminders and certificates of completion. A robust administrative management system is included to allow your managers to monitor performance, recognize gaps and track progress. is a hosted solution, meaning there's no hardware to buy or software to install. Your team will sharpen skills and improve performance using any web browser. The platform is easy to use and intuitive to operate. Content is powered by Telephone Doctor, America's favorite customer service training brand, which has helped over 30,000 organizations improve the way they communicate. is available via an annual, all-inclusive subscription and pricing is based on the usage tier level that fits your needs.



2. What content is included in the online library?


The platform includes a buffet of 80 award winning training modules presented across these seven series:

Sample Library

Review the content of each series by selecting that colored bar, then mousing over individual titles to view the description.

Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Series is America's favorite brand of service training. After selecting a course, progress through each video chapter, review the key points, complete the quiz and review the post-quiz feedback supplied with each answer. Mastering the proven techniques in this series will equip you with the skills to improve the way you communicate with customers & coworkers. Each course takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Icon Legend
Passed Course passed
Not Passed Course not passed
Assigned Course assigned
Reassigned Course reassigned
Deadline Missed Deadline missed
Score 91



3. What does an individual course look like?


Below is a sample course. Click the play icon in the center of the video player to view this segment.


4. What other learning tools are included?



5. Does this system offer administrative management tracking?


You bet it does! A comprehensive administrative tracking system included with your investment. This learning management system allows managers to establish admin hierarchies, assign courses, monitor progress, track individual rates of completion, monitor scores and generate management reports. Your purchase of also includes a personalized phone-based introduction session with your system administrator to ensure your organization gets maximum value from this platform.

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6. How will I go about assigning the right courses for all my staff?


ServiceSkills includes an intuitive course assignment interface which will allow you to very easily assign any number of courses to all your staff at once, to individual learners or to selected groups of learners! We've even created three pre-packaged "Learning Paths" that will insure that your learners receive the key communication skills training they need. Each "Learning Path" can be assigned in as little as two clicks and will schedule the appropriate courses for completion over a four-month period!




7. How much is the investment in


The platform is available via an all-inclusive, annual subscription. License levels begin with as few as ten learners. The per learner investment quickly drops the more team members you include in this improvement initiative. All 81 training modules, full functionality and administrative tracking are included in one low annual fee. Customized branded sites are standard with 50 or more learners.

Annual renewal is painless and includes any updated content which has been released in the past 12 months.

Select the annual license tier level which makes sense for your organization: Platform # OF LEARNER LICENSES
10 25 50 75 100 200 500 1000+
Annual Investment $1,690 $2,490 $3,990 $5,490 $6,990 $9,990 $19,990 CALL!



8. May I view a demonstration of his platform before I decide?


Of course! There are two methods for experiencing our system:

  1. request a demo code which allows quick access with limited functionality. OR
  2. request a full pilot where you and a handful of team members can test drive the platform for two weeks.




9. Show me some examples of a few branded sites you've done for other clients.


"The scenarios are based on situations that are all too familiar. I have found that this training has not only helped me apply what I have learned for work, but to my personal life as well. It has reminded me, also as a customer, to remember to be courteous to the people trying to help me. I have always tried my best to provide the utmost customer service. However, these modules have provided additional tools that I need to use on a daily basis at work and outside the workplace. Thank you!"

"We've been using the Telephone Doctor Training Program for just over a year. We've found the presentations to be professional, easy to use and pertinent to the day-to-day environment of a busy call center. The topics are broken down into quick, easy to use sessions that make ongoing training and individual agent development easy to fit into the busy schedule of a call center. As a call center manager, I consider the Telephone Doctor training program a great tool for training new employees as well as a great reminder for reinforcing positive behavior of experienced call center agents."

"The presentation is certainly one of the better "corporate training" presentations I've seen to date. The material is presented in a contemporary and professional fashion making it much more engaging. Well done!"

"I thought it was excellent. The training was an eye-opener to some phone mistakes I am guilty of and I 'll now be more proactive and friendly on the phone. These courses are very well done."

"I feel that this is needed not only for myself, but for everyone in the company to ensure that we continue to bring in customers, keep our current customers pleased, and to be able to communicate with co-workers in a more professional manner."

"This training would be extremely useful to entry level employees and for those who have never worked in customer service on the phone or face to face. Experienced employees could use the upper level courses."

10. Are these courses in SCORM or AICC versions for our LMS?


You sure can. The majority of the courses on are also available in SCORM or AICC compliant modules. These courses are ready for installation onto your existing Learning Management System. The annual investment and license tiers are the same for LMS courses and web-based delivery.
Please contact us to discuss making these courses available to your team via your existing eLearning platform.



11. Are you an approved General Services Administration (GSA) vendor?


Yes, the platform and all Telephone Doctor products are approved under GSA contract #GS-02F-0233R. Please contact your Account Executive for details concerning your Federal Government Agency's order.  | 800.882.9911
30 Hollenberg Ct.  St. Louis, MO 63044
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