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What if your company could bring in a second stream of income simply by promoting a product to your business network?
With SoftSkillsU, you can.
This is an exclusive B2B affiliate marketing opportunity for thought leaders, business owners and organizations with existing small business relationships or a wide circle of B2B influence.
SoftSkillsU is an e-commerce and white label version of the best-selling (link to About Us) online learning platform already trusted by organizations like Harvard Business Publishing, Toshiba and Symantec.
As a SoftSkillsU B2B affiliate partner, you will leverage existing connections with clients, franchisees, customers and prospects, telling them about our premium, proven communication training platform (link to communication training page). And you will receive a generous commission for each organization you refer to SoftSkillsU.
It’s a win-win: You’ll refer your connections to a program proven to increase client retention and sales, and you’ll have a second revenue stream.

Ready to start leveraging your contacts and earn a second revenue stream?

Will I get help marketing SoftSkillsU to my network?

We’ll provide you with a unique URL and branded reseller portal.
We’ll even provide you with messaging suggestions to promote the features and benefits of our proven communication skills platform.
All you need to do is introduce businesses in your network to SoftSkillsU and watch your secondary revenue stream roll in.

You just need to provide your following with your unique partner URL via blogs, social media posts, e-blasts or any other method of communication!
And the best part? If you request a free demo today, you could be in business by this time next week!

Am I a good fit for the SoftSkillsU B2B affiliate marketing program?

We take great care and pride in creating our product, a line of proven communication training courses. And we want to represent our well-known brand with a fleet of experienced B2B affiliate marketing partners for our white label version, SoftSkillsU.
Our product is of great value to businesses large and small, and we’ve had great success selling it to high-profile organizations like the University of Notre Dame, Peterbilt and Visa as end-users.
As an affiliate partner, you can experience the same success by doing nothing but recommending our product to your circle.
You are probably a good fit if you have a myriad of existing relationships with small to medium businesses, and have the business acumen to best represent our brand.
Ideal partners include:

  • Professional Services
  • Associations
  • Franchisors
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Consultants
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Business Thought Leaders
  • Anyone with a relationship with or communication pipeline to small business owners and managers

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