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  The landscape in the workplace has changed significantly in a multitude of ways over the last few decades, which makes training employees on respect in the workplace more important than ever. Once a measure of productivity was measured in a quantitative manner sufficient for manufacturing things, the production of goods in units. But now productivity is measured differently, the goal is not the production of goods but the number of customers served in a measurement of time. So easy is it to acquire goods from different suppliers, the defining characteristic that will secure the loyalty of a customer is

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Effectively utilizing customer service training can help teach your employees to maintain a high level of performance. Typically, your customer service representatives are your first point of contact between your organization and your consumer base. Therefore, you will need to ensure that they are able to provide the best possible experience.

We expose 10 Quick Customer Service Reminders.
If you apply all ten, you might be surprised at how much more business you’ll earn.

60 Seconds about ServiceSkills customer service and communication training online learning.

Avoid telling customers No!. Use alternatives; like “I wish we could…” or “Here’s what we can do….” or “That’s not part of our inventory yet; however, we do offer these alternatives….”
Watch this short training lesson.

Achieving individual objectives is critical to overall organizational performance. This video learning lesson describes the importance of deploying S.M.A.R.T objectives.

This popular Houndville animated lesson drives home the point that respecting and embracing diversity is a critical component for today’s enlightened workforce.

Meet Bob Backwards. He’s a charter member of the Customer Service Hall of Shame. Bob failed to understand one of the most important Cardinal Rules: People BEFORE busywork. Hint: Don’t be like Bob!

Reprinted with permission, Marketing and Management expert Seth Godin shares his thinking on the topic of customer service as a strategic marketing investment.

Something as simple as word selection can be the difference between projecting confidence and sounding meek and unsure of yourself. Knowing the difference is key.