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Email Etiquette Training Courses for Better Internal and Client Communication

Email is an essential form of business communication. Email writing is easy to get wrong, and much harder to get right. But if you arm your employees with the skills they need to excel in business writing, emails can become a powerful tool for customer service and internal communication. If some of your employees have ...

Teach your customer service team the telephone etiquette skills they need to succeed

Customers will judge your entire organization based on how well—or poorly—their phone call was handled. That’s why it’s so important to invest in telephone skills training for your customer service representatives. Good phone etiquette extends well beyond saying ”please” and ”thank you.” From the outset of any phone call, a good telephone operator knows actively ...

Diversity Training Encourages Fresher Thinking & Stronger Ideas

Empowering your team to be more inclusive can pay off in a big way. When differences are celebrated, stronger ideas and fresher thinking result. Plus, inclusive workplace environments make everyone feel safe and understood. As a manager, the onus is on you to provide the diversity training your team needs to champion diversity in your ...

Take your business to the next level with emotional intelligence skills

Business is about how people communicate. No matter the organization or the industry, people need to communicate with one another. And since human beings are emotional creatures, you need to take emotions into account in your business communication skills. Think about it: if two co-workers get angry at each other and the situation can’t be ...

Easy-to-use online sales training with proven ROI

Good sales people are the cornerstone of any successful business. Subtle changes in how your sales people treat customers—both on the phone and in person—can have a noticeable impact on their close rate. Improving your sales team’s skills through training has a pretty direct link with your bottom line.’s online sales training program is ...

Here’s why a lack of soft skills training is killing your business (and how to fix it)

Soft skills—or the lack of soft skills—will make or break your business. Yes, technical skills are still important. A doctor needs to know how to diagnose and treat diseases. A roofer needs to know how to lay shingles. And automotive professionals need to be able to change your oil. But there are plenty of qualified, ...

How to Grow Your Business 101: The Power of Communication Skills Training

Your language influences people. The way your employees write, speak and act has a huge impact on how your business is perceived. Effective communication leads to greater customer retention and employee satisfaction. And, of course, it increases your organization’s bottom line. Bad communication, on the other hand, can cost your company in lost sales, high ...

The Coworker Who’s Too Social

Some coworkers love socializing and chatting with others. While they're normally well-meaning, it can be a challenge to your concentration and productivity.

Don’t be like Marvin Mope

If you've got a great personality, don't hide it. Use your Saturday night personality in customer service situations.

How to Handle the Irate Customer

This popular video lesson explores the ASAP Technique, a proven four point program for handling upset, angry and irate customers.

One Word Answers

Replying to a customer with one word answers can have severe unintended consequences. Watch and learn.

The Value of Tie-Downs

Tie-downs are short questions that come after your statement, and get the customer in the habit of thinking and saying "Yes!"
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