Five Frustrating Voice Mail Phrases

by Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor Normally, I bet my audiences the cash that’s in their wallet that they have one or more of these phrases on their cell or office phone at that moment. I’ve never had to pay! When was the

Proactive Customer Service

Everyone aims to deliver proactive customer service. Whether you refer to it as cross-selling, up-selling, suggestive selling, or – as we like to say — “soft question” selling, a basic component of effective customer service is to offer your customers additional choices.

How To Run A Successful Meeting

You know that helpless feeling when attending a poorly organized office meeting? One with no structure or meaningful objective? Frustrating, isn’t it? Meetings are so unpopular that one recent poll showed that about half of the people surveyed admitted they’d rather stand

Tell Em What You CAN Do

One of the most abrupt and shocking forbidden phrases you can say to a customer is, “We can’t do that.” These words close the door on the customer’s request as quickly as does its close cousin  — “That’s our policy.” Everyone has

BEWARE! Caller ID Can Be Dangerous

By Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker, Customer Service Expert, President Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training If this hasn’t happened to you yet, my bet is it will. You see the name or a number you recognize on the phone and pick it up

6 Cardinal Rules of Customer Service

By Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker; Customer Service & Communications Expert; and President of Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training FACT: The best weapon for a successful business is customer service. It’s that simple. We will pay more for better service! So whether you’re

Email Apocalypse or the “Reply-to-all” click

Everyone has had the experience where they meant to send a private response to someone in a group email, but accidentally hit “reply-to-all.” If we were lucky, it was a limited mistake and only a minor annoyance. If we were less fortunate,

Words that Ruin a Relationship

By Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker, Customer Service & Communication Expert and President of Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training  DANGEROUS WORDS – NEGATIVE WORDS Or known as conversation diverters. Just as ALWAYS and NEVER are also conversation diverters, below are a few more words/phrase that will

How To Handle The Irate Customer

When you or a team member face a challenging customer complaint, often times, that complaint is more about validating the customer’s emotions than the actual problem. Angry customers need you to acknowledge that they’ve been wronged, and they want your attention right

How to Prevent “Bad Apples” from Spoiling the Team

Research shows that one “bad apple” – an employee with a negative attitude – can impact your entire team. It doesn’t take long before the gloomy team member infects others with their defeatist behavior. First, we need to understand why anyone would