Just-in-time training that helps managers, customer service reps and your bottom line

Managers wear many hats. You need to manage employee relations, team building and conflict resolution—all while pleasing clients and meeting sales goals. It’s a lot.

Communication training can go a long way toward relieving workplace tensions, improving client retention and increasing productivity. But how do wedge staff communication training into your busy schedule?

ServiceSkills.com’s free just-in-time training videos can help. We’ll send you short, 60-second clips containing common workplace and customer service situations. Your staff will be learning strategies how to handle difficult situations, and you’ll get a reputation as a helpful leader who values your employees’ ongoing professional growth. It’s a win-win.

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  • Actionable strategies for building positive client relationships
    Our just-in-time training videos contain short vignettes about how to—and how not to—talk to clients. Subtle changes in how your employees speak can have a big, dollars-and-cents impact on client retention. Teach them how to build relationships and keep clients through positive communication.
  • How to resolve conflicts in the office
    Workplace conflicts take valuable time and energy away from getting work done. In just 60 seconds, your team will learn tips on how to avoid conflict and how to resolve it when it inevitably happens.
  • Tips for clearer communication with clients—and each other
    Your employees spend 80 percent of their time communicating—on the phone, by email or face-to-face. Give them strategies to communicate clearly, effectively and quickly.
  • How to handle difficult management situations
    Managing people is hard. It’s tough to know when—and how—to coach, mentor, discipline and praise. Our business training videos will give you effective strategies for approaching every management situation.
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