The video chapters used on this platform are encoded and progressively streamed as .MP4 files. If you are not able to view the videos, here are two potential issues and solutions:

  • If the video starts, but later stalls or has synch issues, your network may lack the bandwidth (200-700kbs) necessary to deliver these courses. Either try the course later when your network is less congested or test it from another connection point.
  • If you feel your network has enough bandwidth, the issue may be a fire wall setting on your network. Please contact your corporate IT professional and verify that the fire wall is not filtering file types with the extension .MP4, or blocking (ServiceSkills is the provider of all progressive videos found in the online courseware).


Course Selection: The course progression you take will depend on your specific learning needs. While all the courses in this online library will help improve your customer service skills, your supervisor may have suggestions as to which courses apply most to your workplace and in which order they should be taken.

Video Chapters: View the video chapters in sequential order, beginning with Chapter 1. You may wish to view certain chapters more than once to ensure the message was clear. If you need to leave this course in the middle, the course will bookmark your location so you can return to that chapter upon your next course launch. The Play Mode feature allows students to control the flow of the course. Click on the Play Mode button to change between Standard and Video Review Mode. Standard Mode progresses through each page of the course. Video Review Mode steps through only the video segments.

Note Taking: You’re encouraged to take notes while viewing each video chapter. This will help you retain the skills presented and will be helpful when taking the quiz.

Key points: Access individual key points after each module or the full list of key points using the left hand navigation menu. You may print the key points content. Using the key points in addition to your notes will provide you with a valuable reminder of the course content.

Quiz Taking: The quiz is not a timed event. While there aren’t any trick questions, some incorrect answers may, at first, seem plausible. Take your time and read each question carefully before selecting an answer.

Quiz Grading: When you’ve answered all the questions, select “Submit Quiz” from the navigation buttons at the bottom of the course. At the completion of a quiz attempt, the system will provide color coded feedback to regarding your score and status.

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Repeating Courses: Repetition is the “Mother of Learning”. Even after you’ve mastered these courses, you’ll benefit from occasionally viewing this content again.