WACTEO℠ Internal Customer Service Training Series

We Are Customers To Each Other. Most everyone understands the importance of treating our organization’s customers with a high level of courtesy, service and dignity. But it’s equally important to treat our coworkers (our internal customers!) with the same level of politeness, respect and civility. Whenever there’s conflict, drama or a lack of respect within our organization it will negatively affect our ability to operate efficiently and will hamper our efforts to deliver great service to our external customers.

Heres what the 8 Modules Cover:

Course 1: What is WACTEO?
Illustrates the differences between internal and external customers as well as the importance of treating both groups with the same high level of treatment.

Course 2: Know your organization’s mission and your role
Why does your position, department or business even exist? Understanding the big picture and being aware of the importance of your contributions make for a more satisfying work life.

Course 3: Internal Service is Everyone’s Responsibility
Great internal service must be practiced by every member of your organization, at all times, with all coworkers from top to bottom.

Course 4: Respect and Embrace Differences
Our world and our workplace are fortunate to be filled with diversity. Respecting and celebrating these differences is critical to the success of the organization.

Course 5: Recognize the Personal Space of Others
The individual parts of your department and organization are interdependent. Because many of us work in close proximity, it’s important that we all work to recognize and respect the personal space of others.

Course 6: Work to Resolve Conflict With Others
Friction and drama will negatively impact how your team operates. Learn the 3 part “BIF Approach” as a technique to defuse and resolve frustrating conflict with coworkers.

Course 7: Demonstrate Appreciation
Most of us benefit from the help of coworkers many times each day. How often do we show and express gratitude for that assistance? The “BIF Approach” also applies to this concept.

Course 8: WACTEO Recap
Deploying the concepts presented in this series will help your organization operate at peak efficiency while avoiding the pitfalls that come with conflict and drama.

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