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Customer Service Training
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Boost Customer Service Levels
Elevate Teamwork and Collaboration
Develop A More Respectful Culture

Employee Development Is Good for Business.

When you invest in your team’s growth, it benefits your employees, your customers & your organization.  ServiceSkills delivers proven customer service training and communication skills eLearning courses.  ServiceSkills provides distance learning which will help your organization:

  • Build a customer service dream team
  • Foster a more collaborative team environment 
  • Champion a culture of diversity, inclusion & respect
  • Enhance email & business writing skills
  • Develop key interpersonal soft skills
  • Capitalize on coaching & mentoring opportunities
  • Improve internal coworker relationships
  • Reduce employee attrition & annoying staff drama

Easy to Deploy.
Intuitive to Use.

Whether you choose our hosted platform or LMS courses, ServiceSkills makes it simple to roll out world-class eLearning to your entire organization.  This platform delivers access to hundreds of customer service training and soft skills eLearning modules.  Subscriptions include video lessons, quizzes, answer feedback along with a robust administrative management system which empowers supervisors to assign courses, monitor progress and recognize performance gaps – on both individual and team levels.

Our Customers Love the Results!

“ServiceSkills Customer Service Training delivers quality training and backs it up with excellent customer support. One of the best companies I’ve had the pleasure to work with!”

What Problem Do We Solve?

ServiceSkills empowers your team members with the skills and techniques they need to improve customer service, enhance teamwork and boost workplace respect levels.  Face it: Your team members want to do their very best at work.  But for most of us, world-class “people skills” don’t evolve naturally.  This powerful distance learning platform addresses the full spectrum of soft skills topics including customer service training, customer success, office communication, business writing, online meeting conduct, workplace respect, team building, email etiquette, conflict resolution, internal customer relations, basic selling skills, ethics, diversity, harassment, bullying, mentoring, coaching and more.
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"Improve the Way Your Organization Communicates With Customers & Coworkers"

ServiceSkills is the affordable and effective eLearning choice when you’re ready to improve customer service skills, elevate teamwork and build a culture of respect at your organization.