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Communication Skills and
Customer Service Training

Improve Customer Service Skills
Elevate Teamwork and Collaboration
Build A Respectful Workplace

World-Class Online Learning

ServiceSkills equips your team with the customer service and communication skills they need to succeed.

  • Develop a customer service dream team
  • Foster a more collaborative team environment 
  • Raise awareness of diversity, inclusion and equality
  • Enhance basic selling skills
  • Build key communication skills (aka soft skills)
  • Maximize coaching & mentoring opportunities
  • Improve internal customer relationships
  • Reduce staff turnover and attrition

Proven, Affordable & Highly Effective!

ServiceSkills provides subscription-based access to hundreds of customer service and communication skills eLearning modules.  All powered by a robust administrative tracking system so managers are able to measure performance.

Our Customers Love the Results!

“ServiceSkills delivers quality training and backs it up with excellent customer support. One of the best companies I’ve had the pleasure to work with!”

eLearning With Bottomline Results

This platform serves up a curated collection of hundreds of online video-based courses cover the spectrum of topics such as customer service, client satisfaction, customer success, office communication, business writing, workplace respect, team building, email etiquette, conflict resolution, diversity, harassment, anti-bullying, mentoring and more.
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Improve the Way Your Team Communicates With Customers & Coworkers!

ServiceSkills delivers an innovative online learning system that improves the way your team communicates with customers and coworkers. Our web-based platform gives your team access to hundreds of skill-driven communication training modules.