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The results-driven communication training platform for organizations looking to grow their bottom line and improve customer service.

ServiceSkills.com is the all-in-one, results-driven communication training solution for companies that need to improve communication, both internally and externally. Our proven online learning platform delivers world-class skills designed to improve customer satisfaction levels and internal communication.

Communication matters. And our scenario-based videos teach your employees how to leverage communication to your company’s advantage. They’ll see why bad customer service doesn’t work (think: ”We can’t do that,” or ”No, you’re wrong”) and how, exactly, they should respond to tough customer questions or complaints. Plus, our videos will show them how to handle workplace conflict constructively, and how to approach you—the manager—respectfully.

Our library of 120+ skill-driven training lessons covers the full spectrum of customer service, client retention, team building, inclusion, employee relations, email etiquette, conflict resolution and management development topics. And it’s all packaged in an intuitive, hosted online platform—this means there’s no hardware to buy or software to install. We also can deliver our courses on an AICC- and SCORM-compliant LMS platform.

ServiceSkills.com deals in the business of solving problems. We’ll check in with you on a quarterly basis to ensure our training videos are solving your customer service, employee development or team building problems. After all, our goal is to help you achieve yours.

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