Bullying In The Workplace

Abusing workplace behavior is a pattern of mistreatment from others in the workplace that causes either physical and/or emotional harm. [More]

Empathy: A Key Service Mentality

This course identifies and highlights the seven key characteristics of customer contact employees wh [More]

The Coworker Who's Too Social

How can you accomplish getting your work completed, and also maintaining the relationship with your coworker? [More]

60 Second Service Lesson | Don't be like Marvin Mope

A visit to the Customer Service Hall of Shame. Meet the men and women responsible for pioneering poor customer service habits. Viewers will recognize each behavior and want to work to avoid duplicating their error. [More]

How to Handle the Irate Customer

This best-selling training module teaches a highly effective four part plan for calming irate customers and maximizing your chances of retaining their business. [More]

60 Second Service Lesson℠ | One Word Answers

Giving one word answers to our clients will be perceived as cold and unhelpful. Learn how to avoid one word answers. [More]

Forbidden Phrase #2: We Can't Do That

This customer service training course highlights the five phrases which are proven to annoy and frus [More]

60 Second Service Lesson℠ | The Value of Tie-Downs

Tie-downs are short, quick, follow up questions which help get your prospect or client in the habit of agreeing with you. [More]
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