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ServiceSkills is a robust eLearning solution that delivers a curated collection of soft skills training courses designed to improve the way your employees communicate. This platform offers hundreds of customer service training, team building and workplace respect eLearning modules, supported by quizzes, answer feedback and key point reminders. A dynamic admin management system empowers supervisors to assign courses, monitor progress & recognize performance gaps. Get set to help your team:

  • Build a customer service dream team
  • Foster a more collaborative team environment 
  • Champion a culture of diversity, inclusion & respect
  • Enhance email & business writing skills
  • Develop key interpersonal people skills
  • Capitalize on coaching & mentoring opportunities
  • Improve internal coworker relationships
  • Reduce employee attrition & frustrating staff drama

Invest In Your Team's Development

Enlightened leaders recognize that an environment of continuous improvement is critical for employee engagement, growth and retention. Your staff crave professional development and view company-supplied education as a valuable benefit.  

Our Customers Love the Results

I would have no hesitation referring a customer or co-worker to ServiceSkills.

The content is very topic appropriate for my various teams and the ServiceSkills staff is very customer focus and supported our needs at startup.

Executive Sponsor in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Service Skills is top notch!

We looked at other companies before choosing Service Skills and it was superior to all of them. The videos are engaging, short, and professional. Very substantial content library. The support team including most recently Ronnie Titus is always quick to respond, living out the principles that the videos contain. Easy for participants to use and easy for managers to know when completed.

Administrator in Online Media

Positive reinforcement training for call center reps.

Teaching agents how to handle tough customer service issues by providing the best resources to turn a bad call to a Great call! Easy for agents to use, one agent said to me “If I have a challenging call I like to go watch a service skill to calm me down” they use videos to start their day as well! Easy to use the administer the product for training.

Tanya C.

Excellent team building activity for our staff!

We appreciate the ability to assign modules for all staff to complete on their own time. We then schedule a weekly discussion with the entire team to share what we learned and how we plan to put the tools into practice to improve our company.

Very helpful for call centers

ServiceSkills offers a multitude of topics that are relevant to customer service, especially in a call center.

Gennica P.

Best Source for Training Needs

There is a broad range of training that will have courses for just about anything you are looking for. Our company looks explicitly to train our current staff on soft skills and we are pleased with all the courses ServiceSkills offers in this area.

Alex C.

Years of Great Service and Content!

I have been using ServiceSkills for many years and the tools provided are timeless and give our new employees as well as our seasoned veterans the confidence necessary to handle any situation that presents itself. The content is updated and refreshed periodically and new modules are added that address current topics.

Administrator in Environmental Services

Excellence in Training & Customer Care

That the trainings are broken down into smaller topics that the user can easily complete throughout the day. The topics are relevant and the trainee can immediately put them into practice. We’ve been using Service Skills for many year, in fact our introduction was via DVD courses. 

Christine H.

What Problems Do We Solve?

ServiceSkills will help your team:
  • Prevent service mishaps
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Lower customer attrition
  • Maximize teamwork & respect
  • Minimize coworker drama
  • Improve topline & bottomline results
Your team members want to do their very best at work. But for most of us, world-class “people skills” don’t evolve naturally. ServiceSkills equips your team with a broad spectrum of soft skills including customer service training, customer success, business writing, online meeting conduct, workplace respect, team building, email etiquette, conflict resolution, internal customer relations, basic selling skills, ethics, diversity, harassment, bullying, mentoring, coaching, neurodiversity and more. 
Employee development is good for business.  Read what dozens of current clients say about their ServiceSkills experience.
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