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ServiceSkills is a robust eLearning solution offering a curated collection of training courses that are strategically designed to cultivate essential soft skills for your team. These courses will supply your staff with hundreds of customer service training, team building, leadership, coaching and respectful workplace eLearning modules proven to improve organizational performance.



Q. What problem(s) does this solve?

A. ServiceSkills will empower your organization to:

  • Develop a customer service dream team
  • Boost workplace respect levels
  • Champion a culture of diversity & inclusion
  • Foster a more collaborative team environment 
  • Elevate email & business writing skills
  • Capitalize on coaching & mentoring opportunities
  • Improve internal customer service skills
  • Reduce costly employee attrition & staff drama

Intuitive and Easy!

ServiceSkills is a turnkey solution that gives your employees access to a broad spectrum of soft skills training. Our platform is intuitive to learn and simple to deploy.
Topics include customer service skills, business writing, online meeting conduct, client success, workplace respect, team building, email etiquette, conflict resolution, internal customer relations, selling skills, ethics, diversity, harassment, bullying, mentoring, coaching, interviewing, neurodiversity, phone skills and more.
All courses are supported by quizzes, answer feedback and key point reminders. This hosted platform includes a robust administrative management system which enables supervisors to assign courses, monitor progress and recognize performance gaps. Our Client Success Team is ready to help ensure your training goals are achieved.


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