Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What is ServiceSkills?

ServiceSkills is a curated collection of online learning courses which will improve the way your staff communicates with customers and coworkers. The techniques in these training modules will equip your team with the skills to build stronger customer relationships, improve teamwork and boost workplace respect levels. Benefits to your organization include reduced customer attrition, lower employee turnover and improved team collaboration. This eLearning system is highly intuitive and simple to deploy.

This same proven content is also available in SCORM and AICC formats for organizations with Learning Management Systems – with many LMS courses also available in Spanish and French as well.

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Q: What learning content is included?

ServiceSkills features online access to the Communication Skills Learning Library – a collection of hundreds of performance-enhancing video learning modules spread across 15 distinct training series. These courses address the full spectrum of customer service, customer experience, team building, mentoring, diversity, conflict resolution and leadership skills. Video modules include captioned English, Spanish and French subtitle options.

  • Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Series
  • Service Matters℠ Roundtable Series
  • ServiceSims℠ Challenge Series
  • Email Matters℠ The Art of Better Service
  • WACTEO℠ Internal Customer Service Series
  • That’s Just Rude℠ Exploring the Rudeness Matrix
  • Basic Selling Skills from A-Z℠
  • 8 Keys To A More Respectful Workplace℠
  • Generations@Work℠ Leveraging the Potential of Millennials
  • How To Be A Terrible Team Member℠
  • What To Say When℠ Team Building Series
  • What To Say When℠ Conflict Resolution Series
  • What To Say When℠ Mentoring Series
  • Newmarket Learning℠ Leadership Series
  • Houndville℠ Animated Workplace Series


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Q: How will we ensure success?

As a staple in the soft skills learning & development space, the ServiceSkills elearning content has been validated by over 30,000 organizations. Each training module is a self-contained course which will improve the learner’s skill set. In addition to viewing each video training module, your team will also benefit from:

  • Course exercises and quizzes that measure retention
  • Post-quiz feedback to explain and articulate the best answer
  • Printable key point reminders to reinforce the training message
  • Certificates of completion to recognize achievement
  • Available captioned subtitles in English, Spanish and French.
  • Robust administration management system to assign courses and track progress
  • Dedicated Support from your Client Success Manager
  • Regular Business Reviews to ensure this training is aligned with your goals
  • Additional resources content to enhance learning

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Q: Does this include admin tracking?

Yes, a powerful administrative tracking system is included with the hosted ServiceSkills platform. This system allows your supervisors and managers to:

  • Establish administrative hierarchies
  • Assign courses
  • Monitor progress
  • Recognize performance gaps
  • Track individual rates of completion
  • View scores
  • Generate management reports
  • Help validate this investment in your staff

Your subscription also includes a personalized phone-based introduction session for your system administrator to ensure your organization gets maximum value from this platform.

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Q: How will we assign the right courses?

ServiceSkills hosted platform includes an intuitive administrative interface which assists in assigning courses to learners. Assignment options also include three distinct “Learning Paths” to help your team focus on the key communication skills which will benefit them most. Each “Learning Path” can be assigned in as few as two clicks and will schedule the appropriate courses over a four-month period.

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Q: Can you personalize our site?

For sure! We’ve supplied thousands of branded sites for current customers and we’d love to create one for your organization. Your team members will login to your unique web address to access their learning. The logo, images, messaging and colors will be personalized to your firm.

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Q: How affordable is the subscription?

Really affordable! The all-inclusive, “buffet-style” pricing model includes hundreds of video learning modules spread across 15 distinct communication skills series. Full functionality and administrative management tracking are all included in one affordable annual subscription. The per-learner investment drops as you include more team members.

ServiceSkills is America’s favorite soft-skills eLearning platform and will enhance your bottom line by improving customer retention, enhancing collaboration and reducing employee turnover.

Investment is the same for these 15 series licensed as LMS courseware for installation on your Learning Management System.

When you’re ready to get started, we offer secure online ordering.

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Q: What do your current clients say?

Have a look. We’re proud of the enthusiastic third party reviews from verified ServiceSkills users. Over one third of our new business comes from folks who previously experienced ServiceSkills at a prior employer.

Please visit our testimonial page and review our verified G2Crowd customer evaluations.

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Q: Will these run on Learning Management Systems?

Yes. All our training series are available in SCORM and AICC-compliant LMS builds. They’re ready for installation onto your organization’s Learning Management System. Many series are also available in Spanish and French LMS versions.

Request a test file.

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Q: Can we test drive before we decide?

Of course. Please request a demo to set up a brief phone-based demo so you’re able to evaluate our platform and courses. During our chat, we’ll discuss your goals, review the content and experience the admin tracking.

There’s no commitment or pressure because we’re easy – “Easy Like Sunday Morning.” Now ask yourself, how many other training suppliers would include a shameless Commodores reference from ’77? That’s how you know we were meant for each other!

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