Articles and Lessons with Practical Customer Service Tips

Six Ways to Influence the Interaction

Covers six distinct methods any help desk or customer service agent is able to positively influence a customer interaction.

Generations At Work – Millennials

Diverse generations in today's workplace can cause some challenges as well as many opportunities. This video lesson highlight's both.

Email Apocalypse – aka the “Reply-To-All” error

Just because everyone has and uses email, doesn't mean everyone knows how to use it properly. Most everyone has an accidental "reply to all" horror story to tell.

What To Say When Staff Waste Time Online

Employees have always wasted work time doing personal business. But in the age of Internet browsers, it can be more difficult to tell the difference. This lesson addresses why this problem happens.

How To Handle The Irate Customer

Learn the ASAP Technique. A highly effective 4 point plan to soothe and calm the angry, irate and upset customer.

How NOT to Handle A Complaint Call

When a customer contacts your organization with a problem or complaint, one of the worst things you can do is to be passive. Watch Paul Passive handle a complaint call.

Don’t Use Company Jargon On Customers

Every organization has their own unique short cuts, codes and abbreviations. It's a mistake to confuse your callers and customers with internal jargon.

Great Service Starts with A Smile :-)

Even if you never see your customer, a genuine smile comes through to the other side loud and clear!

Avoiding Excuses

One way to make an already frustrated customer get even more angry is to offer up worthless excuses. Customers just want their issues addressed and problems solved, NOT excuses!

Employee Development Courses

High-quality skills training designed to boost employee performance—and your organization’s bottom line One of the biggest struggles for management is this: determining how to effectively train new and existing employees to improve their performance, reduce turnover and, ultimately, increase your company’s bottom line. The answer is simple—your company needs a proven employee development program in ...

The Customer Retention Courses that Pay for Themselves

Professional-Quality Customer Service Courses Aimed at Helping Your Company Boost Customer Retention — and Your Bottom Line Do you want to know how to boost your company’s profits by as much as 95 percent? Well, you can do just that by improving customer retention by just 5 percent. It pays to provide good customer service ...

Stop Harassment & Workplace Bullying

Courses to teach your employees how to spot, neutralize and prevent toxic bullying behaviors Workplace bullying is more than a nuisance—it affects employee happiness and productivity, and even drags your organization’s profitability down. And workplace bullying is not a problem that disappears overnight—you need to have a proven training program in place to teach your ...
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