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Improve Customer Service, Boost Teamwork & Elevate Respect

Conflict Resolution Training Courses

Train your employees to resolve conflicts constructively to see a rise in productivity and profitability Each of your employees loses about 2.1 hours of productivity every week to conflict. Those are hours where they could be doing productive, profitable work for your organization. And, as a manager, you lose about 20 percent of your time ...

Stop Harassment & Workplace Bullying

Courses to teach your employees how to spot, neutralize and prevent toxic bullying behaviors Workplace bullying is more than a nuisance—it affects employee happiness and productivity, and even drags your organization’s profitability down. And workplace bullying is not a problem that disappears overnight—you need to have a proven training program in place to teach your ...

How to Manage Poor Performance in the Workplace

Corrective feedback is paramount to managing poor employee performance. Having a discussion with your employee about their poor performance allows you to determine its root cause, develop reasonable expectations for behavior modification and boost their engagement and productivity.’s library of 130+ business and leadership training courses gives you the strategies your managers need to ...

The Customer Retention Courses that Pay for Themselves

Professional-Quality Customer Service Courses Aimed at Helping Your Company Boost Customer Retention — and Your Bottom Line Do you want to know how to boost your company’s profits by as much as 95 percent? Well, you can do just that by improving customer retention by just 5 percent. It pays to provide good customer service ...

Apologize Sincerely

A key component to service recovery is the art of apologizing sincerely. Customers appreciate the genuine gesture. And they can tell when someone is just mouthing the words.

Resiliency: A Key Service Mentality

Handling a variety of customer service issues can be challenging. Learning to be resilient is an important Service Mentality.

Bullying In The Workplace

Forbes reports that three quarters of employees have been affected bullying in the workplace. The toll on productivity and happiness is enormous. Building awareness around this topic is critically important.

Empathy: A Key Service Mentality

Empathy. It's defined as sharing or understanding in the thoughts and feelings of others. Make sure your team members understand the difference between empathy and apathy.

Learn how to handle angry customers and turn them into lifelong brand advocates

Angry customers will take their business elsewhere if they feel their needs are not met. Conversely, if your service team is able to respond promptly, listen effectively and address their concerns completely, the customer often leaves the interaction more loyal than customers who never had a problem in the first place. Is your service team ...

Diversity Training Encourages Fresher Thinking & Stronger Ideas

Empowering your team to be more inclusive can pay off in a big way. When differences are celebrated, stronger ideas and fresher thinking result. Plus, inclusive workplace environments make everyone feel safe and understood. As a manager, the onus is on you to provide the diversity training your team needs to champion diversity in your ...

Easy-to-use online sales training with proven ROI

Good sales people are the cornerstone of any successful business. Subtle changes in how your sales people treat customers—both on the phone and in person—can have a noticeable impact on their close rate. Improving your sales team’s skills through training has a pretty direct link with your bottom line.’s online sales training program is ...

Take your business to the next level with emotional intelligence skills

Business is about how people communicate. No matter the organization or the industry, people need to communicate with one another. And since human beings are emotional creatures, you need to take emotions into account in your business communication skills. Think about it: if two co-workers get angry at each other and the situation can’t be ...
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