Face-To-Face Customer Service

Don’t Tell Your Customers “NO!”

Avoid telling customers No!. Use alternatives; like "I wish we could..." or "Here's what we can do...." or "That's not part of our inventory yet; however, we do offer these alternatives...." Watch this short training lesson.

That Paperwork Will Wait

Meet Bob Backwards. He's a charter member of the Customer Service Hall of Shame. Bob failed to understand one of the most important Cardinal Rules: People BEFORE busywork. Hint: Don't be like Bob!

Avoid Weak, Wimpy Words

Something as simple as word selection can be the difference between projecting confidence and sounding meek and unsure of yourself. Knowing the difference is key.

Proactive Customer Service

A face-to-face example of Paul Passive checking a customer into his hotel. Ouch!

Exploring the Rudeness Matrix

Blog entry details the four possible sources for rudeness in both customer service as well as internal service situations.