Irate Customers

Practice Being Positive

Most people don't purposefully set out to come across as negative. Sometimes human nature and social chatter cause us to inadvertently put down our organization. This awareness building video clip illustrates and addresses just such issues.

The Five Forbidden Phrases® of Customer Service

Many people working in the service industry seem to rejoice in alerting customers to what they CAN'T do. Huh? The only thing your customer is concerned with is what you CAN do for them.

How To Handle The Irate Customer

Learn the ASAP Technique. A highly effective 4 point plan to soothe and calm the angry, irate and upset customer.

How NOT to Handle A Complaint Call

When a customer contacts your organization with a problem or complaint, one of the worst things you can do is to be passive. Watch Paul Passive handle a complaint call.

Avoiding Excuses

One way to make an already frustrated customer get even more angry is to offer up worthless excuses. Customers just want their issues addressed and problems solved, NOT excuses!

How to Handle the Irate Customer

This popular video lesson explores the ASAP Technique, a proven four point program for handling upset, angry and irate customers.

Ownership – Service Recovery

Video lesson explores the importance of taking ownership after any service mishap.

60 Second Service Lesson | Avoid These Killer Words

Telling an upset customer to "Calm Down" will actually have the opposite effect.

How To Handle Irate Customers

Blog entry addresses proven techniques for handling irate customers.