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Replying to a customer with one word answers can have severe unintended consequences. Watch and learn.

Tie-downs are short questions that come after your statement, and get the customer in the habit of thinking and saying “Yes!”

When you’re assisting a customer, never tell them what you can’t do. Instead, explain to your customer what you CAN do for them.

Listening is a critical part of serving your customers. And a big hurdle to developing great listening skills is the issue of jumping to conclusions.

Understand that rejection is a natural part of the sales and service process. It’s also not personal….the prospect is rejecting an idea, not you.

It’s not all about YOU! Stop over using the word “I” in your presentations. Choose wording that involves the customer in the conversation and decision.

Video lesson explores the importance of taking ownership after any service mishap.

Do your customer-facing team members understand the differences between features and benefits?

Most people like hearing their name. This short video lesson explains how to use, but not overuse, the customer’s name.

Many service professionals face repetitive situations….the same type of call over and over. It’s important to make that interaction feel fresh for your customer.