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A face-to-face example of Paul Passive checking a customer into his hotel. Ouch!

Probing questions are a type of open ended question that follows up to tack down specific information.

Telling an upset customer to “Calm Down” will actually have the opposite effect.

This blog article serves up ten important reminders to improving customer service skills.

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Blog entry describes the subtle art of using “soft-questions” to up-sell, cross sell and invite customers to do more business.

Explores the proper usage of the various address fields when sending an email. When do you use TO, CC and BCC?

Blog entry explores the Killer Words of Customer Service. Being aware and avoiding these pitfalls will help you provide excellent service to your customers.

Description and link to Chris Haroun’s article: Why the Best Companies Always Have the Best Customer Service.

Explores the importance of open-ended questions when assisting customers.