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Every organization has their own unique short cuts, codes and abbreviations. It’s a mistake to confuse your callers and customers with internal jargon.

Even if you never see your customer, a genuine smile comes through to the other side loud and clear!

One way to make an already frustrated customer get even more angry is to offer up worthless excuses. Customers just want their issues addressed and problems solved, NOT excuses!

A key component to service recovery is the art of apologizing sincerely. Customers appreciate the genuine gesture. And they can tell when someone is just mouthing the words.

Handling a variety of customer service issues can be challenging. Learning to be resilient is an important Service Mentality.

Forbes reports that three quarters of employees have been affected bullying in the workplace. The toll on productivity and happiness is enormous. Building awareness around this topic is critically important.

Empathy. It’s defined as sharing or understanding in the thoughts and feelings of others. Make sure your team members understand the difference between empathy and apathy.

Some coworkers love socializing and chatting with others. While they’re normally well-meaning, it can be a challenge to your concentration and productivity.

If you’ve got a great personality, don’t hide it. Use your Saturday night personality in customer service situations.

This popular video lesson explores the ASAP Technique, a proven four point program for handling upset, angry and irate customers.