Selling Skills

Basic Selling Skills: Closing

Everyone is in sales.  Whether you’re selling customer satisfaction, an additional service, a product or even an idea, knowing the proper closing questions to ask will result in a more engaged customer base. Closing is defined as any question you ask or action you take that results in a commitment to do business.  We invite you to ...

The Value of Tie-Downs

Tie-downs are short questions that come after your statement, and get the customer in the habit of thinking and saying "Yes!"

Basic Selling Skills – Rejection

Understand that rejection is a natural part of the sales and service process. It's also not personal....the prospect is rejecting an idea, not you.

I Irritates

It's not all about YOU! Stop over using the word "I" in your presentations. Choose wording that involves the customer in the conversation and decision.

Features vs Benefits | 60 Second Service Lesson

Do your customer-facing team members understand the differences between features and benefits?

Soft Question Selling

Blog entry describes the subtle art of using "soft-questions" to up-sell, cross sell and invite customers to do more business.

Questioning Techniques

Explores the importance of open-ended questions when assisting customers.