Team Building

How to Treat Coworkers With Respect

A respectful workplace is not only calm and inviting, but it shows that all employees involved in the workplace are cooperative and willing to work with one another. When you enter an office that is clearly not a respectful workplace, you may immediately feel that it is not a professional or controlled environment.

Use S.M.A.R.T. Objectives

Achieving individual objectives is critical to overall organizational performance. This video learning lesson describes the importance of deploying S.M.A.R.T objectives.

Diversity At Work

This popular Houndville animated lesson drives home the point that respecting and embracing diversity is a critical component for today's enlightened workforce.

Generations At Work – Millennials

Diverse generations in today's workplace can cause some challenges as well as many opportunities. This video lesson highlight's both.

Email Apocalypse – aka the “Reply-To-All” error

Just because everyone has and uses email, doesn't mean everyone knows how to use it properly. Most everyone has an accidental "reply to all" horror story to tell.

What To Say When Staff Waste Time Online

Employees have always wasted work time doing personal business. But in the age of Internet browsers, it can be more difficult to tell the difference. This lesson addresses why this problem happens.

Bullying In The Workplace

Forbes reports that three quarters of employees have been affected bullying in the workplace. The toll on productivity and happiness is enormous. Building awareness around this topic is critically important.

The Coworker Who’s Too Social

Some coworkers love socializing and chatting with others. While they're normally well-meaning, it can be a challenge to your concentration and productivity.

Handling Team Members Who Waste Time Online

Why do some team member choose to surf the web instead of completing their work?