Telephone Skills

Don’t Tell Your Customers “NO!”

Avoid telling customers No!. Use alternatives; like "I wish we could..." or "Here's what we can do...." or "That's not part of our inventory yet; however, we do offer these alternatives...." Watch this short training lesson.

Practice Being Positive

Most people don't purposefully set out to come across as negative. Sometimes human nature and social chatter cause us to inadvertently put down our organization. This awareness building video clip illustrates and addresses just such issues.

Use Probing Questions To Improve Service

Sometimes, you ask an open-ended question but need a bit more information in order to sort things out. That's when Probing Questions come into play!

Six Ways to Influence the Interaction

Covers six distinct methods any help desk or customer service agent is able to positively influence a customer interaction.

How To Handle The Irate Customer

Learn the ASAP Technique. A highly effective 4 point plan to soothe and calm the angry, irate and upset customer.

Don’t Use Company Jargon On Customers

Every organization has their own unique short cuts, codes and abbreviations. It's a mistake to confuse your callers and customers with internal jargon.

Great Service Starts with A Smile :-)

Even if you never see your customer, a genuine smile comes through to the other side loud and clear!

Avoiding Excuses

One way to make an already frustrated customer get even more angry is to offer up worthless excuses. Customers just want their issues addressed and problems solved, NOT excuses!

Apologize Sincerely

A key component to service recovery is the art of apologizing sincerely. Customers appreciate the genuine gesture. And they can tell when someone is just mouthing the words.