Stop Harassment & Workplace Bullying

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Courses to teach your employees how to spot, neutralize and prevent toxic bullying behaviors

Workplace bullying is more than a nuisance—it affects employee happiness and productivity, and even drags your organization’s profitability down. And workplace bullying is not a problem that disappears overnight—you need to have a proven training program in place to teach your employees how to spot, report and prevent bullying behaviors.’s library of conflict resolution and team-building courses have helped companies like Visa, Harvard Business Publishing and Symantec build a more respectful workplace, promote productivity and reduce the costs associated with workplace conflict and bullying.

Through the course of our training program, your employees will be given actionable strategies to stop the toxic cycle of workplace bullying in its tracks.

They will learn:

  1. What to do when they spot bullying
  2. How to neutralize its effects
  3. How to work as an organization to prevent it

Zero tolerance is the only acceptable policy for workplace bullying. Track your organization’s progress towards this goal in our intuitive platform, or on your own LMS platform, as your team watches videos and passes course quizzes.

Team with, to promote employee happiness, boost productivity and, ultimately, increase the profitability of your company as a whole.

Promote a happier, healthier—and more profitable!—workplace

Promote a happier workplace – Half of American employees report being treated rudely at least once a week. Teach your employees how to neutralize the toxic effects of bullying, and you’ll see a lower turnover and happier employees!

Boost productivity – Each and every bullying target stands to lose 200 to 400 hours of productivity annually. That’s a big loss. Prevent bullying in the workplace, and you’ll not only have happier employees—but a more productive workplace.

Increase profits – Employers pay the price for allowing bullying behaviors to continue. Stop allowing productivity to dwindle while turnover increases. Train your employees to treat each other well, and profits will follow.