Basic Selling Skills: Closing

Everyone is in sales.  Whether you’re selling customer satisfaction, an additional service, a product or even an idea, knowing the proper closing questions to ask will result in a more engaged customer base. Closing is defined as any question you ask or

Essential Tips for How to Improve Employee Customer Service

Here’s What You Need to Know About Boosting Employee Customer Service Skills Research shows that up to 90 percent of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not they will do business with a company. It is not

The $50,000 an hour gate agent

Conventional CEO wisdom is that top management is worth a fortune because of the high-leverage decisions they make. Exceptional employees can produce more.

How to Treat Coworkers With Respect

A respectful workplace is not only calm and inviting, but it shows that all employees involved in the workplace are cooperative and willing to work with one another. When you enter an office that is clearly not a respectful workplace, you may

7 Traits of The Service Mentality

Top organizations have identified seven traits they find in their highest performing customer-facing team members. We refer to these traits as “The Service Mentality.” Let’s look at each one.

Customer Service Training for Soft Skills: Respect in the Workplace

The landscape in the workplace has changed significantly in a multitude of ways over the last few decades, which makes training employees on respect in the workplace more important than ever.

Investing in Customer Service Training

Effectively utilizing customer service training can help teach your employees to maintain a high level of performance. Typically, your customer service representatives are your first point of contact between your organization and your consumer base. Therefore, you will need to ensure that

Defective Apologies

When someone accidentally bumps into us, we don’t expect compensation or punishment, but we very much want to be acknowledged. On the other hand, acknowledgment is insufficient when someone sought to profit from our pain. Civilization depends on the apology. When humans

10 Quick Customer Service Reminders

We expose 10 Quick Customer Service Reminders. If you apply all ten, you might be surprised at how much more business you’ll earn.

What Is ServiceSkills?

60 Seconds about ServiceSkills customer service and communication training online learning.