Forbidden Phrase #2: We Can’t Do That

When you're assisting a customer, never tell them what you can't do. Instead, explain to your customer what you CAN do for them.

Avoid Jumping To Conclusions

Listening is a critical part of serving your customers. And a big hurdle to developing great listening skills is the issue of jumping to conclusions.

Ownership – Service Recovery

Video lesson explores the importance of taking ownership after any service mishap.

Monogramming The Call

Most people like hearing their name. This short video lesson explains how to use, but not overuse, the customer's name.

Business Friendly Customer Service Training Program

Many service professionals face repetitive situations....the same type of call over and over. It's important to make that interaction feel fresh for your customer.

Proactive Customer Service Training Program

A face-to-face example of Paul Passive checking a customer into his hotel. Ouch!

60 Second Service Lesson | Probing Questions

Probing questions are a type of open ended question that follows up to tack down specific information.

10 Great Customer Service Reminders

This blog article serves up ten important reminders to improving customer service skills.

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Blog entry explores the Killer Words of Customer Service. Being aware and avoiding these pitfalls will help you provide excellent service to your customers.