The Value of Tie-Downs

As we interact with customers, it’s important to build an atmosphere of agreement. One effective way to do this is to master the skill of using “tie-downs” in our conversations. Tie-downs are short, quick, follow up questions which help get your prospect

Forbidden Phrase #2: We Can’t Do That

We invite you to share this complimentary training clip with your team! When a customer makes a request, isn't it abrupt and shocking when the response is, "We can't do that."? Instead, tell your customers what you CAN do!

Avoid Jumping To Conclusions

Listening skills are a key component to delivering an excellent customer experience. And if you’re truly listening to your customer’s needs, it’s important to always keep an open mind and not jump to conclusions. Share this complimentary minute training clip with your


Dealing with rejection is a necessary component for most sales and many customer service positions. This skill is one of hundreds of tips and techniques included in To learn more, request a demo code.

Selling Skills I to Q Customer Service Training Program

Part two of a three-part course loaded with skills and techniques to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a customer service or telesales position. Equally effective for inbound or outbound calls. This skill is one of hundreds of tips and techniques included

Six Steps to Service Recovery Customer Service Training Program

Normally, it’s easy to look good when everything is going well. It’s when a customer experience goes wrong that your true character shows. In today’s competitive service environment merely correcting the problem isn’t always enough. Many situations will require Service Recovery. Service

Features vs Benefits | 60 Second Service Lesson

When communicating with your prospects and customers, it’s important to know the distinction between a feature and a benefit. Many people think they’re interchangeable and they’re not. Features are a distinction or noticeable quality of a product or service. The benefit describes what

Essential Telephone Skills Customer Service Training Program

Addresses ten simple yet crucial skills which form the very foundation for delivering exceptional customer service on the phone. This skill is one of hundreds of tips and techniques included in To learn more, request a demo code.

Business Friendly Customer Service Training Program

60 Second Training Lesson Every call is unique – don’t become desensitized! In most service situations, it’s very common to handle repetitive calls. The same issues over and over. We need to remember that to the customer, this is the first interaction

Proactive Customer Service Training Program

This clip illustrates passive customer service in a face to face setting. What NOT to do! World class organizations realize that high energy, enthusiasm, rapport building and cross selling are essential parts of delivering an excellent customer experience. This module is one