Great Customer Service Starts with You

Description and link to Chris Haroun's article: Why the Best Companies Always Have the Best Customer Service.

Questioning Techniques

Explores the importance of open-ended questions when assisting customers.

Six Ways to Influencing the Interaction

Blog details the key points from our Influencing The Interaction training course.

Exploring the Rudeness Matrix

Blog entry details the four possible sources for rudeness in both customer service as well as internal service situations.

Stop Telling Customers How Great You Are…..
And Start Showing Them!

It's DEED, not CREED when it comes to truly providing superior customer service to your clients.

Return on Investment of Staff Training

Training and the infinite return on investment by Seth Godin (distributed with permission) Training pays. Sometimes, it’s easy to underestimate just how much it pays. Consider an employee who is going to work 2000 hours for you this year. It’s not unusual for an

Conducting Interviews & Appraisals “The Power of You”

A position opens up in your company and you’re part of the interview process. This will be a brand new experience for some interviewers and a repeat performance for others. Regardless, hiring the right candidate is an anxiety-inducing process for all parties,

“Echo Questions” Help Get to the Heart of the Matter

A triage nurse takes a call from a patient who says, “I’m not feeling well.” A quick assessment is needed to determine the next step for this patient. This person needs help to pinpoint the likely cause of the problem before any

Sorry, that’s our Policy!

Few business phrases can be as disheartening and conversation-stopping as “Sorry, that’s our policy.” Rules, regulations, and policies are there for a reason, and ideally, your team members will provide the best service possible within those guidelines. But the reality of some

Ethics in the Workplace

Ethics in the workplace is a unique topic. Ethical matters normally don’t deal with issues that can be assigned a number, a value, or a quantity. In other words it doesn’t exactly fit in the cell of a spreadsheet. “Ethics” is about