ServiceSkills delivers soft skills and customer service training programs that improve the way your staff communicates with customers and co-workers. 

ServiceSkills features online access to the Communication Skills Learning Library – a collection of hundreds of performance-enhancing video learning modules spread across 14 distinct training series. These courses address the full spectrum of customer service, customer experience, team building, mentoring, diversity, conflict resolution and leadership skills.  Video modules include captioned English, Spanish and French subtitle options.  This hosted platform features video lessons, quizzes, answer feedback, key point reminders and certificates of completion. A robust administrative management system empowers your managers to monitor performance, recognize performance gaps and track individual progress.

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Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Series

12 multi-video modules - America's favorite customer service skills training series hosted by Nancy Friedman.

Service Matters Roundtable Series

12 single video modules - Learn from six service superstars who share their strategies about providing world class customer service.

ServiceSims Challenge Series

12 single video modules - Engaging simulations feature wrong-way customer service situations followed by two distinct paths.

Email Matters The Art of Better Service

ServiceSkills Email Matters

19 single video modules - Email communication is a fundamental method of customer service in today's economy.

WACTEOSM Internal Customer Service Series

8 single video modules - Illustrates the differences between internal and external customers as well as the importance of treating both groups with the same high level of treatment.

Basic Selling Skills from A to Z

Customer Service Training

26 single video modules - Powerful skills and techniques which will be of immediate help to everyone in a customer service position.

8 Keys To A More Respectful Workplace

Lessons on respect in the workplace

10 single video modules - Covers the importance of workplace respect, diversity, bullying, inclusion and much more.

Generations @ Work

communication in the workplace

8 single video modules - Awareness-building interviews featuring younger staff offering opinions & advice about maximizing communication across all generations.

How To Be A Terrible Team Member

Creating a Better Work Environment

11 single video modules - HR Manager Jasmine Harris invites an Improv Group to help educate her managers about bothersome teamwork habits which are all too common.

What To Say When Team Building Series

ServiceSkills workplace training

10 single video modules - Just-in-time team building and communication courses featuring Human Resource expert Hugh Murray.

What To Say When Conflict Resolution Series

customer service Conflict Resolution

10 single video modules - Just-in-time conflict resolution and employee relationship courses featuring Human Resource expert Hugh Murray.

What To Say When Mentoring Series

Employee Mentoring Series

10 single video modules -Just-in-time supervisory, coaching and supervisory training courses featuring Human Resource expert Hugh Murray.

Newmarket Learning Leadership Series

Newmarket customer service training

6 multi-video modules - Interviewing, Performance Management, Personal Development, Coaching, Competencies and more.

Houndville Animated Workplace Series

Workplace Communication Series

10 single video modules - Short, colorful lessons bring awareness to common personnel dilemmas in an upbeat and humorous way.

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