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97 percent of customers say that customer service affects their loyalty to a brand. And respect is among the most important factors that impacts employee satisfaction.

So what are you doing to improve customer service and employee satisfaction?

Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. And customer service, employee satisfaction and your company’s reputation have a very real impact on your bottom line.

Take your bottom line seriously. Give your client-facing reps the skills they need to please customers and retain loyal business. Give your managers the skills they need to lead teams of happy and effective employees.

Our library of 120+ goal-focused online business courses are the key to increasing client satisfaction and employee retention.’s business training videos provide your employees with strategies to deal with the most difficult manager and customer service situations.

These videos might contain virtual business scenarios, but they will have a real impact on your business’ bottom line. We’ve helped everyone from small businesses to large corporate cultures realize their service potential—and meet their monetary goals.

Here’s how you will benefit from our robust library of online business training videos:

  • See the ”right” and ”wrong” way to approach difficult situations
    Each of our online courses tackles difficult lessons through scenario-based videos. First, you’ll see why bad service doesn’t work. Then you’ll learn the right way to answer a customer call, coach a tough employee or how to handle 120+ other situations you’ll face as a manager or client-facing employee.
  • Improve customer service and leadership skills throughout your organization
    Improved customer service and management mean a lower customer churn and employee turnover. And that means good things both for your company’s reputation and bottom line.
  • Meet your quarterly service goals. (We’ll check in to make sure)
    Each of our 120+ service and leadership courses is geared towards helping you meet your goals. We’ll check in every quarter to make sure your organization is meeting—or exceeding—your goals.

At, our top priority is improving your bottom line by improving your team’s customer service and management skills. Our scenario-based business courses will give your organization strategies for dealing with all the tough situations they will, inevitably, face throughout their workday. In turn, employee retention and client satisfaction will skyrocket.

Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Series

14 Modules - America's favorite communication training series hosted by customer service expert Nancy Friedman.

Service Matters Roundtable Series

12 modules - Learn from six service superstars who share their strategies about providing world class service.

ServiceSims Challenge Series

12 modules - Engaging simulations feature wrong-way service situations followed by two distinct paths.

Email Matters The Art of Better Service

Service Skills EmailMatters

19 modules - Email communication is a fundamental component of everyday business life.

8 Keys To A More Respectful Workplace

10 modules - What makes certain organizations such outstanding places to work?

How To Be A Terrible Team Member

11 modules - Meet Human Resource Manager Jasmine Harris. Her organization has been hampered by high turnover, low morale, and team-related issues.

What To Say When Team Building Series

Service Skills WTSW-TEam

10 modules - Just-in-time team building and communication courses featuring Human Resource expert Hugh Murray.

What To Say When Conflict Resolution Series

customer service Conflict Resolution

10 modules - Just-in-time conflict resolution and employee relations courses featuring Human Resource expert Hugh Murray.

What To Say When Mentoring Series

10 modules -Just-in-time supervisory, coaching and management training courses featuring Human Resource expert Hugh Murray.

Newmarket Learning Leadership Series

Newmarket customer service training

6 modules - Supervisors will benefit from proven strategies to help them to best handle challenging personnel issues.

Houndville Animated Workplace Series

10 modules - Short, colorful lessons bring awareness to common personnel dilemmas in an upbeat and humorous way.

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