ServiceSims℠ Challenge Series

An interactive learning experience for customer service representatives

Our ServiceSims™ Challenge Series is made up of 12 scenario-based courses that will teach your employees how to handle difficult customer service situations.

These aren’t lecture videos—they are interactive lessons. After a situation is introduced, your employees will be able to choose between two “paths,” or ways to resolve the problem. Then they are able to see the aftermath of their decision, whether it was wrong or right.

By trial and error, your customer service representatives will learn why some service techniques work while others don’t.

Each 10-minute module engages your employee, giving them the strategies they need to successfully navigate any potential client situation.

Here’s what each of 11 ServiceMatters™ courses will cover:

Course 1: Raging Bull—How to handle angry customers
Rude, angry customers can be difficult to manage. This video will teach your employees techniques for defusing the situation and steering it toward a positive outcome.

Course 2: The Hangover—How to handle intoxicated customers
Occasionally, a late-night telephone representative might encounter a customer who is intoxicated. This video prepares your customer service representatives for the situation, teaching them how to balance between respect for your customer and respect for company time.

Course 3: Les Misérables—How to handle complaints about organizational policies
Customers will sometimes complain about your organization’s policies. This course will teach your employees the importance of showing confidence in your organization, and discussing concerns about your company’s policies only with management.

Course 4: Look Who’s Talking—How to handle conversational customers
While it’s important to be polite to customers, long-winded conversations take up valuable time that could be spent talking to waiting customers. In this course, your employees will learn how to take control of conversations and steer callers back on track.

Course 5: Reality Bites—How to handle with irrational customers
While not every customer will be perfectly reasonable, it’s important to be sensitive to all customer’s feelings—they’re upset with the situation, not you. This course gives your employees the strategies they need to effectively help irrational callers—or escalate the call to someone who can.

Course 6: Show Me the Money—How to work with demanding customers
It’s inevitable: your employees will have to work with customers who ask for more than your policies allow. This video explores how your employees can show your customers that you care, while still standing behind your company’s policies.

Course 7: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
When a caller’s voice is drowned out by background noise, it becomes difficult to provide excellent service. Your employees will learn how to address this situation while being respectful of the customer’s time.

Course 8: Just the Facts, Ma’am—How to handle emotional customers
Sometimes customers can be extremely emotional about personal situations. We’ll teach your employees the best way to handle these situations by showing empathy for the customer while remaining focused on finding a solution.

Course 9: Back to The Future—How to handle impossible requests
Customers will, on occasion, ask for services or products that you don’t provide. Regardless of the request, it’s important to be patient and understanding. This course will teach your employees to look for positive alternatives when a customer is making an impossible request.

Course 10: The Terminator—How to handle threatening customers
Threatening callers are rare. Still, it’s important to stay calm and have a plan. This video will show your employees the importance of being prepared and knowing your organization’s guidelines for various scenarios.

Course 11: Rules of Attraction—How to handle sexual harassment from customers
Ignoring inappropriate comments doesn’t work. This course teaches your team the importance of leaving no “gray area,” and knowing when to escalate a call to the supervisor.

Course 12: Top Gun—How to know when to escalate a call
Even if you’re trying to escalate fewer calls, there will always be a customer who immediately asks to be transferred to a supervisor. This video shows your reps how to take ownership of the customer’s issue and respectfully offer as much help as they can before transferring the call to a supervisor.

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