What to Say When™ Team Building Series

10 courses to teach your employees how to build and foster high-performing teams

High-performing teams see a 21 percent jump in profitability and productivity, according to Gallup. It’s even connected to a 65 percent reduction in staff turnover and a 15 percent increase in customer satisfaction ratings.

We’ve created a just-in-time training series to teach your employees how to build and foster high-performing teams. Human Resources expert Hugh Murray addresses a challenging workplace scenario head-on, giving your team the tactics and strategies needed to navigate any problem they might encounter.

After completing this series, your employees will know “what to say when” they encounter a difficult scenario, increasing their performance and the performance of your team as a whole.

Here’s what each of the 10 courses will cover:

Course 1: What to Say When (WTSW) a Coworker is Negative
Your team has the power to stop negativity in its tracks. This module introduces a solid strategy for removing the reward involved when a team member insists on being negative.

Course 2: WTSW You Have a Personality Clash with a Coworker
Workplace disagreements and personality clashes can harm productivity. This course will show your employees important DO’s and DON’Ts involved in sorting out such situations.

Course 3: WTSW Someone Resists Change
The only constant in today’s business environment is change. This module gives your team the tools to understand why they might be resistant to change, and how to become more open to changes within your organization.

Course 4: WTSW You See an Opportunity to Do Things Better
This course shows how an idea is presented greatly affects its acceptance or rejection. Your employees will learn three proven principles for presenting new ideas to your company, giving them the communication skills they need to move your organization forward.

Course 5: WTSW You Need Help with Work
Everyone needs assistance from time to time. This course shows your employee how and when to ask for help.

Course 6: WTSW You Need to Persuade a Colleague
There will be situations when one employee needs to direct another employee, but neither is in a management position. This course shows your employees how to explain things in such a way that their coworkers will want to do something if necessary.

Course 7: WTSW You’re Asked to Host a Meeting
This course shows your employees how, exactly, to prepare for, run and conclude a successful meeting.

Course 8: WTSW There’s a New Team Member
How your team acts and what they say to a new employee can make or break the success of a hiring decision. Your employees will learn how to speak to a new employee in order to develop them into a productive and enthusiastic team member.

Course 9: WTSW a Coworker Has an Embarrassing Problem
When a team member has an embarrassing problem (i.e., bad breath, annoying sounds, body odor), it’s important to address it directly, openly and honestly. This course gives your employees tips on how to approach such a problem without alienating their coworker.

Course 10: WTSW You’re New on the Job
A new team member won’t know everything immediately. But, if they use our four-point plan, they will figure out how to do their job well in no time.

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