8 Keys To A More Respectful Workplace

Develop and Promote Respectful Habits at Your Organization

The culture at your workplace likely has more to do with overall employee happiness than any other single factor. 95% of employees report that “respectful treatment of all employees, at all levels” is the top factor for their job satisfaction. Respectful work environments don’t happen accidentally. Developing a culture of respect requires communication, training and commitment. World-class organizations make workplace respect a core part of their overall competencies.

This series will encourage your team to understand, build and promote respectful workplace habits.

Each module focuses on a key area of workplace respect, including:

  • How to spot, stop and avoid workplace harassment
  • The vital role of ethical principles such as fairness, honesty, integrity and respect
  • Why disagreeing constructively is so important
  • Importance of championing DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) at your organization
  • Strategies to recognize and neutralize bullies and bullying behavior

Here’s what your team will learn:


Act Ethically

Morals are how we distinguish right from wrong. In this course, your employees will learn how to incorporate fairness, honesty, integrity and respect into their day-to-day interactions with coworkers and clients.


Disagree Constructively

Workplace conflict is inevitable, but how you argue is a choice. This course teaches your team how to argue in a constructive way, which allows your team to move forward rather than break down.


Workplace Harassment Training

To stop workplace harassment, the whole office must be on board. This course covers how to spot harassment, what to do if you see it and how to work as an organization to stop it in its tracks.


Champion Diversity

“Tolerating” diversity isn’t enough. This course shows your team the importance of embracing diversity to the success of your whole organization. Only by championing diversity can your team collaborate effectively and produce the highest quality work.


Neutralize Bullying

Bullying should never be tolerated in the workplace. We’ll teach your team what to do when they spot bullying, and how to neutralize its effects.


In Doubt? Find Out!

It’s possible to offend someone without meaning to do so. Good intentions aren’t enough—we’ll show your employees the importance of asking others how they’d like to be treated, and how this simple practice can build trust across your entire organization.


Listen for Understanding

Effective listening across an organization is the key to fostering a safe, respectful workplace. This course shows your employees how a simple change in how they listen can have a great impact on your organization as a whole.


Demonstrate Appreciation

Showing appreciation for your coworkers is so important. This video shows your team how simple acts of appreciation—public praise, giving credit to those who have earned it and generally being encouraging and supportive—can go a long way toward creating a better workplace for everyone.