HoundvilleAnimated Workplace Series

Business Animations With An Important Message

Laugh While You Learn

Workplace diversity. Harassment prevention. Careless errors. Workplace ethics. Annoying cell phone usage. These topics are awkward to cover in a stiff, lecture-style training course.

That’s why we created this upbeat, funny and colorful animated workplace training series. Rather than being stiff and out of touch, these enjoyable learning modules deliver a comfortable and engaging learning experience. This awareness-building training will help your employees manage a wide range of difficult situations and challenges, promoting a healthier work environment and higher performance from your employees.

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Here’s what your team will learn:


Email Communication

Emails are easy to send but impossible to retrieve. This course shows what happens when an email is sent out carelessly—and teaches your employees how to be more cautious with email communication.


Customer Diversity

This course shows how assumptions can negatively impact customer service. It will show your employees the importance of regarding all customer issues as important, and explains how to be certain their customer service is “Best of Show” at all times.


Valuing Learning Opportunities

Ongoing learning is important, regardless of position. This scenario-based video drives home the importance of improving skills and increasing knowledge to future career advancement.


Diversity in the Workplace

Diverse workplaces produce stronger ideas and fresher thinking. By example, this course teaches your employees why respecting and tolerating differences is critical to your organization’s success.


Avoiding Touchy Topics

The office is not the place to discuss personal issues. In this video, your team will learn the possible consequences of discussing sensitive topics in the workplace.


Reducing Careless Errors

Anything worth doing is worth doing properly. This course shows how quality, rather than speed, is the measure of success. Your employees will learn how important it is to take the time to ensure things are done right.


Ethics in the Workplace

Every employee should do their work with the highest level of integrity. In this video, your employees will learn how taking shortcuts instead of doing what is right can have serious consequences.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can affect your employees’ psychological health, physical well-being and job performance. This course gives your team the information they need to spot—and stop—sexual harassment before it negatively impacts your team.


Office Cell Phone Use

Cell phones are essential tools for communication, but must be used responsibly in the workplace to minimize distraction. This animated course shows your employees how to use their cell phones in a way that shows respect for their work and their co-workers.


Safety in the Office

Potential hazards exist in every workplace. This course walks your employees through various precautions they can take to promote workplace safety and minimize accidents.