How To Be A Terrible Team Member

Common Behaviors That Will Hamper Team Performance

Annoying Habits We’re All Too Familiar With!

These negative behaviors reduce effectiveness, increase turnover, lower morale and generates unnecessary drama at your organization.

This highly entertaining series uses humor to offer a glimpse into how negative behavior affects your whole team’s performance.

The series follows an HR manager, Jasmine Harris, whose organization is being held back by negative behavior. After conducting a comprehensive analysis, she identifies 8 behaviors impacting her team’s performance.

In this engaging course, Jasmine enlists the services of a comedy improv group to demonstrate these behaviors—many of which you’ve likely witnessed in your own organization.

Each skit in the employee training series will cover a different behavior, and show your employees how not to act, and even give them actionable advice on how to improve their behavior and your entire company’s productivity.

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Here’s what your team will learn:


The Downer

When a team member always finds the negative in every situation, it can bring the whole team down. This course explores the downfalls of being someone who manufactures negativity, and offers strategies for being optimistic, yet honest.


The Gossip

Gossiping and spreading private information or misinformation undermines the spirit of your entire team. This video will show your team the importance of focusing on the quality of their work instead of office politics.


The Change Allergic

Change happens. When a team member is averse to new ideas or ways of doing things, it can drag down an entire organization. This course shows your employees how to approach change in a positive way, becoming solution-finders rather than change-avoiders.


The Lone Wolf

The “Lone Wolf” doesn’t work well with teams, brags about their accomplishments and seems to be on a never-ending self-promotion tour. This video shows how self-promotional behavior hurts your entire team, and will encourage your employees to be team players instead of “office martyrs.”


The Socially Inept

Lacking self-awareness, socially inept team members tend to make their coworkers uncomfortable. This impacts how your entire team functions together. This course will explore the negative impact of nosey or inappropriate behavior, and encourage them to be conscious of how such behavior is perceived.


The Prima Donna

The “Prima Donna” has a rock star attitude with a garage band performance. This course shows how selfishness affects your team’s morale and encourages your employees to avoid this negative behavior.


The Knowledge Hog

The “Knowledge Hog” erroneously builds personal value by making certain a critical part of the organizational process flows through their desk to maintain control. This video will show your employee just how this behavior negatively impacts the whole team.


The Excuse Maker

Passing the buck helps no one. This video shows how justifications and alibis prevent quality work from being done and teach your employees the importance of taking ownership and putting all their energy into helping the team.


The Tornado

The “Tornado” blows into meetings, destroys everything in their path and leaves chaos in their wake. While this team member might mean well when identifying problems and pointing out weaknesses, their energy would be better spent using their insight on how to improve.