Newmarket Learning Leadership Series

Management Development Training Series

Key Skills for Supervisors & Managers

Only 32 percent of American workers report they are “engaged” at work. This immersive 6-part series is designed to change that—it will teach your managers the skills and techniques they need to drive higher levels of employee engagement and productivity.

Your leaders will learn how to coach employees, gain commitment, use competencies effectively, deliver powerful feedback and hire the right people.

These 45-minute leadership training courses teach a variety of highly valuable skills that will improve your manager’s ability to manage team members and promote high performance.

And, because every course comes with an overview sheet and a quiz, you can monitor your team’s progress and retention every step of the way.

Here’s what your team will learn:


Using Competencies Successfully – Communicating The Way We Want People To Work

Competency frameworks make it clear to your employees the way your organization will measure their performance. We developed this course to help your leaders understand how to successfully implement competency frameworks, and how to use competencies in appraisals and promotion interviews.


Gaining Commitment – Setting Performance Objectives That Work

Performance objectives can be as specific, agreed upon and as time-bounded as you like, but unless they are actually achieved, they’re useless. This course provides new insights into getting team members emotionally and intellectually engaged in achieving their objectives.


Coaching Skills – The Power of Questions

This course provides your managers with practical illustrations of how to use questions to help their employees think through a problem or a task for themselves.


Delivering Feedback – Fixing Performance Problems

Delivering feedback is an essential—yet extremely difficult—skill. Your managers will learn our proven C.E.D.A.R. model to prepare for and engage in constructive feedback sessions.


A.I.M. for Development – Setting Personal Development Objectives

Effective annual reviews and development meetings are essential to growing and developing a high-performing team. This course will teach your employees our A.I.M. development method for better, more intentional professional development plans.


A Question of Evidence – The Behavioral-based Interview

This course will teach your managers the benefits of “behavior-based” interview techniques. This will allow you to probe into what an interview candidate has actually achieved, preventing the costly mistake of hiring an under qualified candidate.