ServiceMatters Roundtable Series

Peer-to-Peer Customer Service Advice

This roundtable-style customer service course will teach your employees valuable lessons about crucial service skills and concepts. We assembled six “service superstars” to talk about everything from how they handle bad days to the importance of motivation and showing you care.

How did we choose these customer service professionals?

We surveyed hundreds of organizations and asked them to nominate their highest-performing service provider. After months of interviews and evaluations, we narrowed our panel down the best six.

Then we let the cameras roll and asked these world-class professionals to discuss their opinions on topics such as service-based cultures, satisfying customers and what drives them to be excellent customer service representatives. The results were gold. Your team will immediately benefit from this peer-to-peer training series.

Here’s what your team will learn:


Motivation to Excel

The service superstars talk about the benefits of having a sincere desire to want to help people, such as promotions, accolades and repeat business. Your employees will learn how being motivated with customer service gives them—and your whole company—an edge over the competition.

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What’s in It for You?

Your employees represent your organization’s name and brand to that customer. Great customer service is all about the desire to assist others. In this series, our six service experts talk about how delivering excellent service is a reflection on the way you choose to live your life.

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Advice for New Team Members

Our six service superstars talk about what advice they’d give to a new service member. They remind new service professionals they’re there to resolve the issue for your customer. Don’t take customer service challenges personally. It’s not what you say, but how you say it that matters most.


Taking Ownership

Your employees will learn how to take ownership of a customer’s problem, making a personal commitment to help find a resolution. When your employees know how to act and operate as if they themselves owned the business, they will be more invested in resolving problems and pleasing customers.


Building Rapport

In this course, our six experts will teach your team how to establish a strong connection with a customer that isn’t necessarily business-related. When your employees keep notes on customers, or are aware of common interests, a stronger customer-employee relationship will be created.


Handling Bad Days

Everyone has bad days. The service experts talk about strategies your employees can use to combat negative emotions. After all, it’s not the customer’s concern if you’re having a bad day. Being positive can improve customer interactions and, of course, customer retention.


Handling Varied Customer Styles

During this course, your team will learn how to tailor their customer service delivery to an individual customer’s communication style. We’ll teach your employees techniques like mirroring—attempting to match their customer’s rate of speech, volume, emotion and use of humor—to make the customer more comfortable.


Is the Customer Always Right?

“No” is one of the most dangerous words in customer service. It’s not in anyone’s best interest to tell a customer they are wrong. Your employees will learn how to focus on solving the customer’s problem or complaint instead of dwelling on who is—or isn’t—right.


Demonstrating You Care

One of the biggest keys to customer service success is truly caring about the customer. Our six service superstars will equip your employees with the techniques they need to show the customer they care about their problem.


Who Would Replace You?

This course focuses on teaching your employees about traits that improve customer service, like analytical thinking, being a good listener, confidence and effective communication skills.


Excellent Customer Service—Natural or Learned?

While some people might be “naturals,” excellent service skills can be learned. Our team talks about how having the right attitude, getting skills training and being willing to work hard can help anyone become an excellent customer service representative.