Customer Service vs. Common Sense?

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By Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker, Customer Service Expert, President of Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training

We’ve all heard the saying: “Hey, customer service is just plain old common sense.” But then we all know, too, common sense is NOT that common. 

Decided to make a quick list of a few common sense things that aren’t so common. See if you agree and love to have you ‘add on’ to the list. There are many more.

* Cover your mouth when you yawn, cough or sneeze.

* Say “you’re welcome” vs. “no problem” when someone tells you “thank you.”

* Smile back at others.

* Better yet. SMILE FIRST at others.

* Write handwritten thank you notes when you receive a gift. Or get a new customer which is a gift! Save the text for a lunch date. Handwritten notes won’t go out of style. Texting will eventually be replaced with something else.

* Bump into someone at the mall, in the hall? Say, “Excuse me.”

* Remember you get more with sugar than you do with vinegar.

* Stand up when a customer walks into your office or place of business. Greet the customer warmly.

* Open doors for others. (Physically and emotionally as well.)

* Eye contact is imperative for in-person customer service.

* Make sure customers clearly understand what you’re explaining. Repeating the same thing over and over isn’t the way to do it. Change it up if it’s not clear to them.

Ok, those are only a few of my “common sense” tips. Not in any order of importance and, yes, we have more, but like to hear your “common sense” customer service thoughts.