Email Etiquette Training Courses for Better Internal and Client Communication

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Email is an essential form of business communication. Email writing is easy to get wrong, and much harder to get right.

But if you arm your employees with the skills they need to excel in business writing, emails can become a powerful tool for customer service and internal communication.

If some of your employees have a harsh tone in their emails and others write novels when a sentence or two will do, it might be time to invest in email etiquette training for your team. As MIT lecturer Kara Blackburn says, ”You can have all the great ideas in the world and if you can’t communicate, nobody will hear them.”

Teach your team to communicate effectively, and your company will reap the benefits for years to come. Clear, concise and effective writing will help you retain clients, reduce internal conflict and improve your bottom line.’s library of 200 communication training courses has the solution. Our affordable and effective online courses will give your team the tools they need to handle difficult customer emails and tricky internal communication.

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And because all our courses are online, our training will not affect productivity because your employees can watch the videos at their own pace while you—the administrator—monitor progress.

Our courses have proven to drive results for companies of every size. Once your employees earn their email communication course certification, they will be better communicators and ambassadors of your business.