Email Etiquette Training for Employees

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Email is an essential form of business communication. Most everyone knows how to send an email, but getting them up to business standards is another story!

Introducing Email Matters℠: The Art of Better Service Training Series designed to revolutionize your team’s communication prowess. Elevate your office’s email etiquette, online chat finesse, and overall business writing skills with this comprehensive program.This series comprises 18 modules, designed to empower your staff with top-tier practices, transforming your customer service through written communication channels. With over 70% of customers preferring email as their primary communication mode, arming your team with these tools ensures they craft engaging, warm emails that retain customers effortlessly.

Explore the Depth of Learning:

  1. Face-to-face Communication Vs. Email: Understand the nuances of effective email communication versus in-person interaction.
  2. Subject Line Mastery: Craft clear, attention-grabbing subject lines that captivate readers.
  3. Address Fields Expertise: Master the art of using TO, CC, and BCC fields effectively.
  4. Opening and Closing Lines: Frame emails with warm greetings and compelling closings.
  5. Composing a Message: Master the recipe for impactful email writing, setting the desired tone and message.
  6. Proofreading Proficiency: Develop a pre-send checklist to eliminate errors and maintain professionalism.
  7. Message Length Optimization: Embrace brevity while conveying impactful messages.
  8. Writing with Conviction: Instill confidence through assertive and compelling language.
  9. Jargon and Shortcuts Avoidance: Learn the art of professional email writing devoid of casual language.
  10. Prompt Response Tactics: Discover effective out-of-office replies and timely response strategies.
  11. Confidentiality Awareness: Implement actionable steps to uphold email confidentiality.
  12. Handling Irate Customers: Employ proven techniques to handle challenging situations gracefully.
  13. Mastering ‘Reply All’: Navigate the ‘Reply All’ feature judiciously to avoid pitfalls.
  14. Humor Appropriateness: Grasp when and how to infuse humor without compromising professionalism.
  15. Tools for Emphasis: Harness font, size, and formatting for nuanced message delivery.
  16. Managing Anger in Emails: Sidestep negativity and bitterness in responses, ensuring a positive tone.
  17. Internal Customer Service Excellence: Implement effective communication techniques within the team.
  18. Sensitivity to Inappropriate Topics: Understand what topics to avoid, maintaining a respectful environment.

Equip your team with the skills needed for unparalleled customer service through Email Matters℠. Elevate your business’s written communication finesse today!”

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