What learning content is included?

ServiceSkills features online access to the Communication Skills Learning Library – a collection of hundreds of performance-enhancing video learning modules spread across 22 distinct training series. These courses address the full spectrum of customer service, team building, mentoring, diversity, business writing, online meetings, respectful workplace issues, conflict resolution and leadership skills. Video-based modules include captioned English, Spanish and French subtitle options.

  • Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Collection
  • Service Matters℠ Roundtable Series
  • ServiceSims℠ Challenge Series
  • Email Matters℠ The Art of Better Service
  • WACTEO℠ Internal Customer Service Series
  • That’s Just Rude℠ Exploring the Rudeness Matrix
  • Basic Selling Skills from A-Z℠
  • How To Ruin A Virtual Meeting℠
  • 8 Keys To A More Respectful Workplace℠
  • Neurodiversity at Work℠
  • Managing Remote Teams℠ Series
  • Generations@Work℠ 
  • How To Be A Terrible Team Member℠
  • What To Say When℠ Conflict Resolution Series
  • What To Say When℠ Team Building Series
  • What To Say When℠ Mentoring Series
  • Setting Performance Objectives That Work℠ Series
  • Coaching Skills℠ Series
  • Delivering Feedback℠ Series
  • Behavioral-based Interviewing℠ Series
  • Using Competencies Successfully℠ Series
  • Houndville℠ Animated Workplace Series

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