Features vs Benefits

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Every team member should understand the difference between a feature and a benefit. An easy way to remember the distinction is that “features tell and benefits sell.”

Let’s look at the definition:FeatureVSBenefit


  1. A distinction or noticeable quality
  2. Something offered as a special attraction



  1. Anything that is helpful or advantageous
  2. Something that contributes to or increases well being


If a car dealer advertises about a model having “run flat tires” – that’s a feature.  The benefit is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll never be stranded with a flat tire.

Begin by making a list of the many features of the product, service or brand you represent.  What are some qualities or special attributes you offer customers?  It can be things like toll free support, free shipping, a 5 year guarantee, the best tech help in the industry or an impeccable reputation.

Once you’ve done that, here’s an exercise to help link the benefit which accompanies each feature.  Insert each individual feature,  then complete this sentence:

“A feature we offer is ____________ and what that means to you is ____________.”

The what that means to you is…. will help you define the benefit that goes with each feature.


“A feature of is our powerful administrative tracking system…and what that means to you is, all your managers can easily assign courses, recognize performance gaps and track employee progress as their skills improve!”

Understanding the distinction between features and benefits is important for everyone in the organization.  Most every team member either sells directly or support someone who does.

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