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America’s premier communication skills learning platform – designed to increase customer loyalty and improve employee engagement


Your company’s customer service is only as good as the employees who provide it. As a manager, it’s important that you leverage your employees to your advantage by giving the skills they need to thrive in their positions.

Give your client-facing employees the tools and strategies they need to deal with tough customer calls. Give all your employees the tools they need to avoid and resolve peer conflict. And, along the way, it wouldn’t hurt if you picked up a couple mentoring and coaching tricks.’s robust library of corporate communications courses has a little bit for everyone in your organization. Have everyone watch our conflict resolution series. Have customer service reps take our courses on email, phone and face-to-face client communication. And you can take our series on management, leadership techniques and coaching strategies.

And you can test drive our proven platform for free! Here’s how you stand to benefit:

  • Grow your bottom line through customer loyalty and employee retention
    Good communication skills are at the root of good customer service and employee relations. Give your employees the strategies they need to deal with difficult customer and peer situations constructively, and you will see an increase in customer loyalty, employee retention and your bottom line.
  • Learn how to coach employees and increase productivity
    Without engaged, happy, productive employees, your business will not thrive no matter how good your product is. And, in order for your employees to grow and learn, you—the manager—need to coach them on how to do their job. Our leadership courses give you the coaching strategies you need to deal with even the most difficult management situations.
  • Fewer conflicts and a more respectful workplace
    Conflicts naturally happen in a workplace of passionate people. They’re unavoidable. You can’t control whether conflicts happen, but you can give your employees constructive ways to handle and resolve conflicts before they blow out of proportion. Our videos will teach your employees how their actions and words affect others, and how to resolve disagreements in a positive way.