Learn How to Handle Generational Differences in the Workplace

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Different generations have different working styles. Conflict can and does arise when employees of different generations cannot see eye to eye on working styles, processes and goals.

Millennials have grown up less rule-bound and more immersed in technology. And more established baby boomers value focus and individuality. These generational differences can create friction in the workforce.

As a manager, it’s important to learn how to harness the capabilities of all generations, enabling them to work together toward the goals of your organization. Your challenge is to increase understanding between generations and promote cohesiveness throughout your organization. Training can go a long way toward helping millennials and baby boomers to understand each other.’s library of mentoring courses is perfect for managers looking to alleviate problems caused by generational differences in the workplace. We specialize in helping managers like you reduce conflict, improve communication and reach your business goals.

Our high-quality training videos will allow you to understand the frustrations of your established and young employees alike. With a better understanding of your employees’ tendencies, work styles and pain points, you will be able to get every generation to buy into your company’s shared vision.

Baby boomers, for example, want the younger employees to care more about existing processes, policies and working hours. Millennials want flexibility in how work gets done, as long as deadlines and goals are met. You must bridge this gap.

Our training videos will show you how to demonstrate to your baby boomer employees that you value their expertise, while showing younger employees you value their innovative ideas.

Every generation has something to offer. Be the type of manager that gets the most out of every employee, helping them be more successful in their positions. Invest in your employees. Sign up for a free demo of our course library today!