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Improve your business’ customer service, improve your sales!

Client retention starts and ends with customer service. If a customer feels appreciated and listened to, they will renew your service or make another purchase. Subpar customer service leads to cancellations and reduced sales. As many as three-quarter of customers say they will drop out of the sales funnel before the purchase if the customer service is bad.

Think about it: would you want to make a purchase—especially a big, high-commitment one—from a company that won’t treat you like a valued customer? No, you wouldn’t. It’s the same with your business’ clients. They want to do business with kind, patient, helpful service representatives who take their concerns seriously and solve their problems.

People don’t buy products—they buy solutions. And customer service is the solution. You could have the best product or service in the world, but if your client-facing representatives are abrasive or unhelpful, your sales will suffer.

Regular customer service training is critical to making your sales benchmarks. Their job descriptions might say ’customer service rep,’ but your client support employees are possibly the most important part of your sales process. It isn’t uncommon for potential customers to call or email customer service prior to making a big purchase to talk about the product in further detail. And current customers are in constant contact with your client service team.

When you invest in online customer service training courses to improve your team’s service skills, you are making an investment in the future success of your company. Why? Because better customer service means more sales and better retention rates. offers an affordable, effective solution. Our videos provide real-life customer service situations, such as angry client calls, and how to handle them. After the course, your client-facing employees will have a better idea for how to diffuse high-stress situations, as well as how to over-deliver in everyday situations.

3 make-or-break customer service skills your organization needs

  1. Emotional intelligence
    Client-facing employees need to have the patience to listen to customer problems, the empathy—or acting skills—to make the customer feel appreciated, and the ability to ”read” what the customer really wants. Improving emotional intelligence will, in turn, make your client feel more valued and understood. Clients that make a connection with your employees remain customers for longer. Our videos give real-world examples of how to deal with different situations in a positive way.
  2. Flexibility
    Flexibility and adaptability are key to good customer service. Some days, your reps will deal with happy customers. Other times, your reps will be handling frustrated customers. They need to be able to roll with the punches and solve the customer’s problems efficiently and with patience. Our customer service courses give actionable strategies for staying calm and affable in the toughest client situations.
  3. Persuasion
    Your customer service reps need to be able to communicate persuasively. A client—or future client—might call with a question about a new product. Your customer service reps need to be able to communicate that your product is the just-right fit for their needs. We offer persuasive speaking strategies that leave the client convinced that your product is the perfect solution.

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