Learn leadership skills that help you meet goals and retain employees. (And still be well-liked!)


Good leaders always look to add new strategies to their leadership toolkit. Meeting team goals, while finding time to give feedback, coach employees and analyze competency frameworks doesn’t happen naturally.

Having strategies in mind to help you with difficult situations allows you to quickly diffuse conflict, address concerns and move closer to your sales or production goals. And, of course, knowing appropriate ways to handle situations allows you to maintain face with your employees.

ServiceSkills.com specializes in designing workshops and courses for leaders and managers. Our easily accessible online leadership skills training courses teach by example. You’ll see how subtle changes of wording or actions greatly impacts how you are perceived by your employees through short, true-to-life vignettes.

And, because we cover every situation imaginable, you’ll be equipped to properly address any management problem that might come your way. From interviewing candidates to delivering feedback and coaching underperforming employees, we’ll give you the tools you need to be successful in every environment.

Grow as a supervisor in three key ways

Leadership skills training allows you to become the leader your team needs. Plus, leadership development gives you the skills you need to make deadlines and retain employees. Here are three critical ways ServiceSkills.com will improve your leadership skills:

  1. Interview (and hire!) the right candidates
    An interviewee might say all the right things. But how do you know they’re the right fit? We’ll give you guidance on how to gauge behavior and determine individual competencies by asking the right questions—and taking the right notes!
  2. Coach underperforming employees and (appropriately) praise the good ones
    Performance is ability plus motivation. We’ll teach you how to coach employees who lack in ability and invigorate employees who lack motivation. Plus, we’ll give you advice on how—and when!—to praise overperforming employees.
  3. Drive commitment, meet goals and deliver feedback
    As you work towards goals, it’s important to deliver the right feedback and praise, as well as keeping team members emotionally and intellectually engaged in reaching their goals. We’ll give you tips on how to keep your team focused on goals while keeping them self-aware of their role in your team’s success or failure.

Become the leader your team needs you to be by sharpening your skills and becoming aware of how your interactions make—or break—your team’s performance. Request a cost- and obligation-free ServiceSkills.com demo today!

"I've been in customer service management for 25 years and ServiceSkills.com is the best interactive customer service training program that I've ever found. Excellent and relevant topics in an easy-to-use format. I love it!"
- Linda Depew
Director, Customer Service
Aerus/Vollara/TriStar LLC

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