Affordable Annual Subscription

Hundreds of Courses, Quizzes & Key Points

The ServiceSkills subscription includes “buffet-style” access to hundreds of video-based eLearning modules spread across 22 distinct training series. Your annual subscription covers a year of skill development for the number of learners included in your tier level. Each eLearning course includes video(s), quizzes, answer feedback and key point reminders. All supported by a robust administrative management system which empowers managers to assign courses, track progress and recognize performance gaps.

Tier features increase and per-learner investment drops as you include more team members. Annual renewal is at your discretion. Most clients elect to continue to benefit from this powerful eLearning solution year after year.

The all-inclusive tier pricing is the same for our hosted platform as well as LMS courses for your Learning Management System. 

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Which Annual Plan Best Fits Your Needs?

Small Group
ServiceSkills eLearning Platform
  • Communication Skills Library
  • Quizzes, Feedback & Key Points
  • Full Admin Tracking
Up to 20
Annual Investment:
Tier I
Includes Small Group Features
  • Administrator Resources Section
  • Custom Branded Landing Page
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • Implementation Support
Up to 60
Annual Investment:
Tier II
Includes Tier I Features
  • Enhanced Branded Landing Page
  • Learner Set-up Support
  • Quarterly Progress Reviews
  • Bonus Attrition Level
Up to 100
Annual Investment:
Tier III
Includes Tier II Features
  • Group Manager Training
  • Options to Customize Certificates
  • Personalized Messaging
Up to 250
Annual Investment:
Tier IV
Includes Tier III Features
  • Kickoff Webinar Featuring Nancy Friedman
  • New Series Available Upon Release
Up to 1,000
Annual Investment:

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