HVAC Customer Service Training

Warm up your Customer Service with ServiceSkills

HVAC Customer Service Training

Most homeowners won’t contact a heating and cooling repair business until something isn’t working. This usually means their heat went out in January or their A/C is on the fritz in August.   HVAC companies know it pays to be the company customers turn to every time they need help because customers know they’ll receive excellent customer service during each call. In addition to the technical know-how, HVAC technicians need excellent customer service skills as well.  This starts with training your techs on proper customer service etiquette and people skills.

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Problems with heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or plumbing services can be costly and stressful. By making the customer’s experience a pleasant one through timeliness, professional conduct when in their homes and businesses, clear communication, and appropriate follow up to ensure the problem was solved, HVAC businesses will develop lifelong customer relationships – and those customers will recommend the company to their friends, too.  

Customer Services Skills for HVAC Businesses

As with any customer facing job, the way HVAC businesses treat people matters for the company’s reputation – and bottom line. From the moment a customer picks up the phone to call about a maintenance need to after they close the door after a technician’s visit, customer service skills will make the difference between them being a customer once and a customer for life. 

While ServiceSkills courses can’t teach technicians how to fix a malfunctioning air conditioning unit, the knowledge gleaned from ServiceSkills courses can be the difference between an average experience and a fantastic one for the customer. Technicians who find themselves in a diverse range of situations, including those answering customer calls or spending time in customer’s homes, need professionalism and communication skills to impress. 

That’s where customer service training comes in – it’s the simple and affordable way to invest in the business’ future by providing employees with the skills they need to help the company grow. 

The ServiceSkills Solution

Our affordable, comprehensive, proven customer service training programs provide actionable advice for handling common, real-life problems in all organizations, including HVAC businesses. We’ll give members of the team easy-to-use strategies for providing excellent service to their customers. 

We know technicians are busy people. That’s why our online modules work well for employees who aren’t always in one place. Learning modules can be viewed at a time convenient to your staff. After the video, employees take quizzes on the information to earn a certification. Beyond receipt of that certificate, though, is the ability to work effectively with customers in a wide range of scenarios. 

Helping You Grow Your HVAC Business Bottom Line

How does excellent customer service lead to success? High levels of customer service ensure that customers choose your HVAC business again and again.

Customer service skills training courses are a small investment that will pay big dividends. As customer experience improves through training, customers grow more loyal to that brand. When customers feel listened to and cared for, they are more likely to choose that company time and time again. They’re also more likely to refer the business on to friends and family. This brand loyalty will translate easily into increased revenue. Quality customer service means keeping more customers; in addition to keeping the customers who are already loyal, companies will be able to sell themselves to potential customers. Beyond keeping customers around, better customer service translates to greater retention of the workforce as well. 

Giving technicians the tools they need to provide great customer service helps them succeed, and successful workers tend to stick around.