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Develop Communication Skills for IT, Help Desks, Tech Support

Technology. We all rely on it every day, and expect it to work. When it doesn’t, however, it’s easy to become frustrated, annoyed, even angry. The next step? Contacting your IT help desk or the customer service department of the software you’re using.

Your IT employees may be talented at identifying and addressing technological issues, but that is of little importance if they cannot effectively communicate with the people contacting them for help.

That’s just one reason why customer service training for IT professionals is so critical. Your business has the opportunity to please and win over even an angry or disgruntled user or customer through your IT support staff. It can just as easily lose a customer — for life.

IT customer service skills training equips your staff members to more effectively address user issues. They can immediately develop a rapport with those users or customers — creating a positive impression and connection.

When your IT workers are well-trained, they are able to:

  • Be friendly yet professional
  • Actively listen to determine user or customer needs
  • Maintain control of the conversation
  • Assure that whomever they are helping is satisfied with the outcome of the call

These aspects make for happy customers who are likely to share their experiences with your company. That helps build your brand and reputation — attracting and retaining customers to your business.

Our customer service training for technical support staff equips your employees to successfully handle even the most challenging phone interactions; identify the types of behaviors that can affect the call; and use the most effective methods of taking messages, transferring callers, placing callers on hold, etc.

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Importance of Customer Service Training

Our help desk customer service training includes access to the Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Training library of courses. These courses teach your IT staff customer service strategies and phone skills through situation-based learning. The result is better trained staff, enhanced overall customer service and an improved bottom line.

Our user-friendly online platform lets you monitor workers’ progress and quiz results. Employees do the training at their speed, which means your department need not lose productivity because of an on-site training session. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for distance learning for IT professionals.

The Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Training courses include:

  • Killer Words of Customer Service: What should you say — and not say? Your IT staff will receive a comprehensive list.
  • Essential Phone Skills: Your IT team will learn the 10 phone strategies that help make every call successful.
  • Business-FriendlyTM Customer Service: Making sure your tone is professional yet friendly is key to good phone etiquette.
  • Six steps to Service Recovery: Dealing with an angry caller? Personnel will learn the six steps for transforming negative calls into positive ones, and unhappy customers into brand advocates.

Proactive Customer Service Training

Addressing problems when they arise is part of IT staffing. Yet why not reduce the incidence of problems, as well? We can teach your IT team members the art and skill of proactive customer service. Through real-life scenario training modules, they learn how to pay closer attention to users to not only address the current problem, but prevent issues.

When your IT staff delivers results to users and anticipates their needs, the result is happy, loyal customers and a better bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve this goal.