Pest Control Customer Service Training

Don't let poor customer service infest your company!

Customer Service Training for Pest Control Companies

It’s a fact of life: pest control will always be needed. After all, there’s no shortage of crawling insects, rodents, and other nuisances. How can pest control companies make sure that they’re on speed dial when those needs arise? That’s easy: by providing consistently great customer service.  And the way to do that is by giving your pest control staff the customer service skills needed to make your company look great.  Excellent customer service will differentiate your company from those vendors simply going through the motions.


In an industry as important as insect and pest control, reputation matters. Customers have options when choosing who they trust with pest elimination needs. They want a company they can rely on for safe and efficient service. Luckily for pest control customers, there’s an easy way to build relationships with customers that will last a lifetime. This is accomplished by ensuring that everyone in the company, from technicians to managers to the customer service team, has a great attitude and professional demeanor. That’s good news for the customer who knows they have a reliable team to call when they’re faced with an infestation of creepy crawlies. It’s also good news for the company’s bottom line. 

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Pest Control Customer Service Training

ServiceSkills is an affordable and comprehensive training program that provides employees in any sector of the pest control industry with the tools to interact with customers and colleagues effectively and respectfully. While we wish that every customer exchange was calm and easy, that’s not the reality in this industry. By using ServiceSkills techniques for dealing with customers who are stressed or unhappy, pest control professionals can take command of the situation, get the necessary information, and respond appropriately. Customers will appreciate the efficient action to solve what is sure to be a distressing situation. They’ll also feel more comfortable welcoming technicians into their homes or businesses. 

Effective Communication with Customers and Colleagues

If a customer is calling in a pest control company, you can be certain they’re not quite sure how to solve their ant infestation. That’s where the pest control specialists come in. But by speaking to a customer like a specialist, the customer feels overwhelmed and lost. Someone with an ant infestation is likely most interested in knowing how the experts are going to quickly and safely solve the problem. By learning how to communicate effectively with customers – that is, without industry-specific jargon – pest control experts can put customers at ease, improving the quality of the interaction. Further, we know that pest control companies are more than the technicians. There are managers and customer service teams operating behind the scenes as well. These various departments need to communicate well with each other to ensure their customers receive service in a timely manner. ServiceSkills training courses can teach employees in all areas of the pest control business how to interact with customers and with each other to improve the experience for all involved.