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Helping You Improve Retail Customer Service

Good front-line employees are the cornerstone of any successful retail business. Subtle changes in how your team members treat customers — both in person and on the phone — can have a noticeable impact on sales and repeat buying, customer attraction and retention, and customer referrals. Improving your retail sales team’s skills through training has a pretty direct link with your bottom line.

It all comes down to creating a great experience through amazing customer service. How do you help your retail sales team provide the kind of outstanding service that keeps customers coming back? An effective, accessible customer service training program — like that offered by ServiceSkills — provides your employees with the tools and techniques that can increase sales, build loyalty and improve customer retention.

Another benefit of customer service training is that when your employees do better, they feel better about their jobs and tend to stay longer. Losing and replacing workers is costly, and it complicates work schedules for others on the team, decreases overall productivity, and lowers employee morale. Investing in training that improves performance increases employee retention and job satisfaction as well as sales.   

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Easy-to-Use Online Training With Proven ROI

ServiceSkills training programs stress the importance of communication and listening skills, customer engagement and transparency. Our retail training courses are designed to ensure that every member of your team is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and efficient.

Through the ServiceSkills customer service training platform, you can easily assign courses, monitor progress and track quiz grades online in our easy-to-use administrator dashboard. Because the whole program is online, your employees can improve their customer service skills when they have time or on their off-hours, meaning productivity doesn’t have to suffer and customers aren’t ignored.

You benefit from an easy-to-use LMS platform with proven ROI. Your employees benefit from skills training that allows them to be more successful in their job, regardless of whether they’re helping customers in the store or on the phone.