Easy-to-use online sales training with proven ROI

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Good sales people are the cornerstone of any successful business. Subtle changes in how your sales people treat customers—both on the phone and in person—can have a noticeable impact on their close rate. Improving your sales team’s skills through training has a pretty direct link with your bottom line.’s online sales training program is perfect for companies that want to improve their employees’ selling skills and grow their bottom line. Our videos are available online, or can be easily integrated into any AICC or SCORM LMS platform.

Through our comprehensive sales training platform, you can easily assign courses, monitor progress and track quiz grades online in our easy-to-use administrator dashboard. Because the whole program is online, your employees can improve their sales skills when they have time, meaning productivity doesn’t have to suffer.

You benefit from an easy-to-use LMS platform with proven ROI. Your employees benefit from skills training that allows them to be more successful in their position, regardless of whether they’re doing outbound or inbound sales. provides a multitude of proven sales and customer service training courses that have helped grow businesses just like yours. Some of our clients include Commerce Bank, Harvard Business Publishing, Visa and a whole host of small businesses.

The sales training program proven to increase sales and grow your bottom line

Our sales training program is proven to provide results. It’s simple: by nurturing your employees’ selling skills, you’ll be improving your sales and growing your bottom line.

Here are just a few of the skills your employees will learn during our sales courses:

  • How to make the potential client agree with what you’re saying If you can get the client to agree with you on small things, it will be easier for them to agree with you on bigger things. We’ll teach your employees how to use ”tie downs” to build the conversation in a positive way in the beginning, so closing the sale later down the line is easier.
  • How to close the sale This is the big one. Closing sales repeatedly is how companies make money. We’ll provide actionable strategies for your sales people to close more sales and make more money for the company.
  • What not to say during a sales call There are certain phrases and words that kill sales by offending the potential client, or relinquishing control of the conversation. We’ll teach you what not to say during a sales call—and what your sales people can say instead. Strong salespeople are the key to growing your bottom line. Give your organization the tools they need to succeed. Learn how to harness the power of accountability, person ability and adaptability to sell more products by reading our guide to effective communication.