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ServiceSkills is the premier eLearning platform to improve soft-skills at your organization. The all-inclusive, “buffet-style” subscription includes over 150 individual communication training modules, 13 distinct training series, full functionality and administrative management tracking.  Everything is included in one affordable annual subscription. Tier benefits increase and the per-learner investment drops as you include more team members.

Take a moment to consider:

  • What does it cost your organization to replace a single lost customer?  And how many years might that lost customer have otherwise stayed in place?
  • How much is spent to recruit, interview and train replacement team members because former employees lacked the skills necessary to be effective?
  • What’s the cumulative value of lost up-sell opportunities currently being missed?
  • How much productivity are you losing because of stalemate, friction and lack of cooperation between team members?

For most companies, a single incident above can cost more than the annual investment in ServiceSkills.  Enhance your bottom-line by improving customer retention, enhancing staff collaboration and reducing employee turnover.  Join the 30,000 organizations who already benefit from these proven skills and techniques.

Tier levels apply to our hosted platform as well as LMS courses for your Learning Management System.  Interested in improving more than 1,000 learners? Let us provide you with a customized enterprise quote! Request a demo code.

"I've been in customer service management for 25 years and is the best interactive customer service training program that I've ever found. Excellent and relevant topics in an easy-to-use format. I love it!"
- Linda Depew
Director, Customer Service
Aerus/Vollara/TriStar LLC

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